ADAS CR Behavioural Change Discussion 221012

C8aac6c51bfd8acefe9838d6b8e89ad0?s=47 Dan Gipple
October 22, 2012

ADAS CR Behavioural Change Discussion 221012

A brief overview of Farming, Sustainable Transport BC theories combined with CR/RYW's approach to Behavioural Change


Dan Gipple

October 22, 2012


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    DWG  background   •  Loyalty   and   Customer  

    AcquisiCon   and   RelaConship   Management,   Research  and  Programme  development/management  for  clients  such   as  BT,  RBS  Retail,  Daimler  Chrysler  and  others   •  Former  Bd.  Director  of  3  Top  5  UK    DR/DM  Agencies   •  BT  ResidenCal  AcquisiCon  and  RetenCon  programmes   •  Co-­‐Founder  NMT  Ltd,  portal  and  CRM  systems  build  company  (sold  to   WPP)   •  Co-­‐Founder  –  Acclaria  Accelerated  Business  Performance:   •  Fast   Path   Methodology     –   including   Internal   Behaviour   Change/ Change  Management  and  Performance  Management  approaches   •  Co-­‐founder,   CarbonRiver   Ltd,   an   environmental   impact   and   sustainability  consulCng  pracCce    (and  Reward  Your  World  Ltd.)  
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    Source:  Tapestry\Dept.  of  Transport   “Making  Campaigning  for  Smarter  Travel

      Choices  Work”     Source:  “CreaCng  Social  Epidemics  and  Curing  Car  AddicCon   –  A  New  Model  for  Achieving  Travel  Behaviour  Change”   B.Pinke`,  D.  Wylie,  T.  Wares  Peter  Bre`  Associates  2008  
  8. 16.

    CR/RYW  Behaviour  Change  Approaches   Encompasses:   •  Behaviour  change

     theories   •  ExisCng  sustainability  behaviour  change  concepts     •  Consumer  acquisiCon  and  loyalty  methods   •  Change  management/Staff  Behaviour  Change  Methods    
  9. 17.

    Why  Business  Customers  “Defect”   •  15%  switch  because  they

     found  a  be`er  product   •  15%  switch  because  a  cheaper  product   •  20%    leave  because  of  “too  li`le  contact  and  individual  a`enCon”   •  49%    leave  because  what  a`enCon  they  did  receive  was  poor  in  quality     1.   Over   Two-­‐Thirds   (69%)   switched   to   compeCCon   because   of   service/“relaConship”  factors,  not  price  or  perceived  quality  of  product  !   2.  Customers  generally  shop  “more  or  less  equivalent”            companies   3.  To  be  considered,  any  company  must  be  considered  in  the  ballpark  in  terms  of   product  relevance  and  quality  and  price.  This  gets  you  on  the  field.          But  “rela+onship  factors”  determine  whether  you  win  or  lose  in  the  long  term.   Source:  Forum  CorporaCon  Survey    
  10. 18.

    Five  Dimensions  of  Service   (“RelaConship  Factors”)   Tangibles  

      (7%)   Responsiveness    (25%)   Empathy    (16%)   Assurance    (20%)   Reliability    (30%)   The  ability  to  perform  the  promised  service     dependably  and  accurately   The  willingness  to  help  customers  and     provide  prompt  service   The  knowledge  and  courtesy  of  employees  and     their  ability  to  convey  trust  and  confidence   The  caring,  individualised  a`enCon     provided  to  the  customer   The  appearance  of  physical  faciliCes,       equipment,  personnel,  and     communica+on  materials   Each  of  the  main  business  funcCons  of  customer  service,  sales,     administraCon/billing  and  markeCng  can  have  an  effect  on  “relaConship  factors”   Source:  Forum  CorporaCon  
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    “Reward  Your  World”     “A  rewarding,  engaging  and  socially

     contribuCng  incenCve  programme,  facilitaCng   corporate  and  community  involvement  and  enabling  people  to  reward  themselves,   their  communiCes,  high  streets,  and  the  world  around  them”    
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    “Reading  Buses  Rewards”     •  Integrated  with  town  wide

     “Reading  Reward  Your  World”  Programme   •  Encourage  people  out  of  Cars….support  overall  Sustainable  Transport   Plans   •  Encourage  specific  personal  applicaCon  usage  (eg.  Shopping,  Events)   •  EducaCon  on  how  to  use  the  Buses   •  Build  posiCve  relaConships  and  percepCon  of  drivers  as  ambassadors   •  Increase  adopCon  of  online  purchasing,  eCards  and  TopUp   •  MoCvate  Off  Peak,  smooth  peak  loading……saving  on  vehicles,  fuel   costs  and  manpower   •  Promote  passenger/  rider  involvement  in  Community   •  Promote  awareness  of  and  access  to  life  enriching  acCviCes/events  in   Reading   •  Help  build  internal  staff  self  esteem  and  involvement   •  (PROGRAMME  COULD  BE  EXPANDED  TO  INCLUDE  OTHER   TRANSPORT  COMPANIES  IF  APPROPRIATE  TO  READING  TRANSPORT)   “A  semi-­‐private  label  transport  incenCve  programme,  integrated  and  co-­‐branded  within   an  overall  Reading-­‐specific  programme,  designed  to  encourage  ridership,  improve   relaConships,  community  and  deliver  financial  savings  (and  other  benefits)  for  its   customers,  the  Company  and  the  Town”    
  18. 27.

    Awareness  &   Recruitment   Inform   Impact   MoCvate

     &   Facilitate   Feedback  &   Reward   Socialise  &   Involve   Make  aware:   •  Of  Reading   Buses   Rewards   •  Of  Benefits  of   Bus  and  Value   Adds       •  Of  ApplicaCon   •  Of   ReadingRYW   •  Recruit  to   further  Info/ Sign  Up   •  Of  personal   savings/ offers/ benefits  of   using  bus   •  Of  How  to   Use  the  Bus   •  Of  wider   Reading   benefits   •  Of  how  they   can  help  their   community       IncenCvise  and   facilitate:   Sign  up   Providing  extra   informaCon   Downloading   App/Finding   Routes   Ordering  eCards   Trying  Online  Top   Up   Signing  up  others   (MGM)       •  “Thank  You/ PosiCve   Feedback”  for   each  posiCve   acCon   •  With   addiConal   SuggesCon   AcCons  and   IncenCves   •  Drive  to   desired   payment  type/ route/Cmings   •  CRM  email   engagement  is   making  a   difference     •  Plus  Relevant   Volunteering,   Earning,  Giving   •  IncenCvise   Volunteering/ Finding  Sponsors   •  Upload  their   Comm.  causes/ groups   •  Encourage   sharing  of   experience  on   message  boards/ media  upload   •  IncenCvise  MGM   •  IncenCvised   Campaign  to   nominate  best   Drivers   •  Promote  Linkage   of  Experience  to   Social  Networks   Customer  Journey:    Behaviour  Change  Lifecycle   Measure,   Evaluate  and       Re-­‐Engage   •  IncenCvised   Surveys   Deepen  relaConship  and  drive  further  emoConal  engagement  
  19. 28.

    Public  RelaCons   “RYW  Anchor   Partner   Online/Offline  

    Papers/ArCcles   Bus  Livery  (outside  and  within)   Street/Train  StaCon  Media   Social  Media   Blogs   Council/RT   Site/Top  Up  Site   RYW  Portal   Univ.  Web   Postal  Inserts/ Take  Ones/ Tickets  (online/ offline)   Reading  Buses  Rewards  Microsite   Sign  up  /  IncenCves   Scheme  overview   Sample  offers  (Earn  +  Spend)   Download  mobile  app   RT  Good  Travel  App   Order  eCard   Online  Top  up   Referral/MGM   Volunteering   Order  eCard   Online  Top  up   -­‐  Travel  informaCon   -­‐  Order  eCard  (points   earning)   -­‐  Top  up  eCard   (points  earning)   Co-­‐branded  RT  /  RYW  homepage   Download  and  register  app   Shopping  (online)   Points  earning   Points  spending   Shopping  (Offline)   Prospect   Reading  Buses  Rewards  -­‐  Customer  Journey   DonaCng   IncenCvised  Direct  Response  CommunicaCons   Email  from  RBC/ eCard  lists   IncenCvised   MGM   Coupons/ RedempCon  
  20. 29.

    Use  of  behavioural  change  methodologies,  including  the  RYW  reward  

    infrastructure,  to:     •  Help  people  make  ‘be`er’  travel  choices   •  Provide  real  Cme  transport  informaCon   •  Provide  easy  access  to  public  transport  &  cycle  faciliCes   •  CreaCon  of  social  network  components  promoCng  sustainable  transport   opCons   •  Facilitate  greater  use  of  public  transport  –  (using  various  methods  including   gamificaCon)   •  Promote  cycling  &  walking  as  healthier  &  preferable  opCons   •  Encourage  people  to  live  healthier  lifestyles   •  Decrease  congesCon  on  Reading  road  infrastructure   •  Subsequent  decrease  in  carbon  emissions   •  Improve  access  to  jobs  and  unlock  economic  growth   Expansion  to  a  wider  Sustainable  Transport   Scheme  Programme    
  21. 30.

    •  Inclusion  in  site  of:   –  Journey  planner  for

     Public  Transport,  Cycling,  walking  &  driving   –  Mapped  travel  disrupCon  (roadworks,  accidents,  etc.)   –  Live  traffic  informaCon   –  Live  car  park  informaCon   •  Provision  of  bus  maps,  Cmetables,  etc.   •  Social  media  feeds  –  facebook,  twi`er,  etc.     •  Recommended  cycle  or  walking  routes   •  PosiCve  messages  about  sustainable  transport  &  personal  stories   •  Get  fit  &  healthy    topics   •  CreaCon  of  e-­‐mail  alerts  and  /  or  Twi`er  alerts  for  users  to  receive  news  about   any    travel  disrupCon   •  Allow  users  to  upload  stories  /  photos  or  topics  relevant  to  the  site       A  Reading  Sustainable  Transport  Hub  
  22. 31.

    •  Strategic  relaConship  with  Intelligent  Health  (They’re  already  included  

    in  our  Reading  Recycling  bid)   •  PromoCon  of  walking  as  a  pleasurable  &  healthy  opCon   •  Aimed  at  Schools,    Businesses,  GPs,  etc.   •  Introduce  compeCCve  component  –  especially  between  schools   •  Rewarded  for  walking  with  Be`erPoints  &  extensive  full  use  of  RYW   behavioural  change  methodologies   •  RYW  has  a  structure  to  underpin  this  -­‐    Serve  &  Earn  project  sponsored   by  employer  or  outside  commercial  body  (posiCve  brand  associaCon)       Walking  
  23. 32.

    •  IncenCvisaCon  of  an  enjoyable  and  healthy  approach  to  travel

      •  Be`erPoints  awarded  depending  on  the  hire  duraCon   •  RedempCon  of  Be`erPoints  against  cycling/sports  equipment   (Decathlon)   •  Encouraging  road  safety  via  incenCvisaCon  of  Bikeability  schemes   •  InformaCon  on  bike  locaCons  and  routes  –  opportunity  to  be  built  into   an  RYW  app  for  Reading       Cycle  Hire  
  24. 33.

    •  Provision  of  an  addiConal  route  to  market  for  Reading

     Carshare   •  IncenCvisaCon  of  registraCon  to  Reading  Carshare   •  IncenCvisaCon  of  partaking  in  Reading  Carshare   •  Enhance  message  of  saving  money  -­‐  save  and  earn!   •  Further  sponsorship  opportunity  to  corporate  audience  through   partaking  in  a  more  comprehensive  CSR  iniCaCve       Car  Share  
  25. 34.

    A  unique  mobile  applicaCon  with  built  in  loyalty   mechanism:

      •  Geo  locaCon  app   •  Travel  Cmes  and  nearest  bus  stops   •  IncenCvised  for  looking  up  routes   •  IncenCvised  links  to  purchase  ecards  and  ecard   top  up   •  Branded  to  Reading  Transport   •  Available  across  smart  phone  providers       Mobile    
  26. 38.

    Widening  Impact:  InteresCng  CorrelaCon  to  Social  Ecological  Model   ImplementaOon/

      Performance   Improvement  /   Management   DiagnosOcs  /   Modeling  /  Planning   IteraOve   AccounOng  /   Internal  AudiOng  /   ReporOng     Hybrid  Screening   Scopes  1-­‐3   100%  Coverage   Opportunity  IdenOficaOon   HotspoWng     Products   Enterprise/   OrganisaOonal   Territorial   Inventory   Supply  Chain   Risk  Scenario     Models   Opportunity   PrioriOsaOon   Energy   Water   Material     SubsOtuOon   Sustainability   Planning  Process   Tax/Regulatory   Stakeholder   Renewables   Green  IT/   Clean  Tech   Green  Build/   Design-­‐in     Sustainability   Low  Carbon     TransformaOon   CSR     Management   Energy/Carbon  Markets   /CDM   Carbon     Management   Energy     Management   Supply  Chain     Management   Risk     Management   Copyright:     CarbonRiver  Ltd.  2011   CDP    Submissions   Company     Reports