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From clockwork to smartwatch

April 07, 2016

From clockwork to smartwatch

The measurement of time has always had a big impact on our society. The way we tell the time greatly evolved especially in the last centuries, leading to the creation of always more accurate tools, up to the first wearable technological devices. In this talk you will explore the evolution of horology. You will discover the common elements that remained unchanged across the centuries, and how you can still find them in modern wearable devices. You will also learn about how different it is to develop for a smartwatch, compared to a smartphone, especially considering the Android Wear platform.


April 07, 2016

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  1. Words to watch Dial A dial is a visual interface

    to a watch, displaying a variety of information produced by the movement. - Hodinkee, Watch 101
  2. Words to watch Lume A short term for the luminous

    phosphorescent glowing solution applied on watch dials - Wikipedia, Lume
  3. • Buttons (OS only) • Touch • Voice commands •

    Digital crown Apple Watch Input methods Apple Watch
  4. • Buttons (OS only) • Touch • Voice commands •

    Bezel Samsung Gear S2 (Tizen) Input methods
  5. Words to watch Complication Any feature in a timepiece beyond

    the simple display of hours and minutes - Wikipedia, Complication
  6. Chronograph Stopwatch (android wear) on LG G Watch R Stopwatch

    For Android Wear on Motorola Moto 360 2015
  7. Multiple zone time Time Machine Watch Face on Huawei Watch

    Timetraveler Wear Watch Face on Huawei Watch
  8. Daniele Bonaldo Android Software Craftsman Thank You! Any questions? All

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