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Do-it-yourselfie, an Android Things photo booth

October 27, 2018

Do-it-yourselfie, an Android Things photo booth

In this talk me and Roberto Orgiu present a project we have been working on: an Android Things-powered photo booth which uploads the pictures to a Google Photos album.
As presented at DevFest Gorky 2018.


October 27, 2018

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  1. Do It Yourselfie An Android Things photo booth Daniele Bonaldo

    && Roberto Orgiu
  2. Daniele Bonaldo @danybony_ danybony danielebonaldo.com

  3. HELLO! I am Robertoooooooo I do things Android at The

    New York Times You can find me at @_tiwiz
  4. The selfie booth Idea: The event attendees can take selfies

    using this device and the pictures are going to be viewed immediately and shared with other attendees.
  5. 3 2 1

  6. Trigger A NC (normally closed) button

  7. NC button Normally Open (NO) Normally Closed (NC)

  8. NC button

  9. The camera Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 Sony 8-Megapixel sensor

  10. No live preview Not good enough frame rate with Android

    Things and Raspberry Pi
  11. Two-way mirror

  12. Two-way mirror

  13. Status indication

  14. Status indication Network error

  15. Status indication Authentication error

  16. Status indication Number of pictures to upload

  17. None
  18. None
  19. Android SDK Play Services Android Studio Firebase

  20. No launcher No system UI No Play Store

  21. Displays are optional Alternative UI

  22. Development kits Raspberry Pi 3 NXP i.MX7D

  23. Hardware integration GPIO PWM I2C SPI UART I2S Low level

    peripheral I/O Button Temperature sensor Servo motor GPS and more... User-space Drivers Library
  24. Google Photos Two options: • REST API • Java Library

    Short-lived upload token Permission to access albums and pictures Permission to only upload to albums created via the same app https://developers.google.com/photos/
  25. Pictures upload schedule Using WorkManager https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/architecture/workmanager/ Re-schedule the job after

    every captured image Job requirements: • connected to power • network connection
  26. Device configuration Companion app for Google Sign-in and album creation

    Nearby for proximity communication https://developers.google.com/nearby/ From phone to Android Things Send Google Photos token + selected album details
  27. Issues Ambient Light Power Network connection

  28. Improvements Use the new Photos API library Screen as a

    “front-facing” flash Dedicated Real-time clock (RTC) circuit Connect with a DSLR using serial communication
  29. User-space drivers library https://github.com/androidthings/contrib-drivers Android Things documentation https://developer.android.com/things/index.html Android Things's

    projects - hackster.io https://www.hackster.io/google/products/android-things More info Do It Yourselfie https://github.com/danybony/do-it-yourselfie
  30. Find us at • @danybony_ • @_tiwiz