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Growing and Managing Distributed Teams

Growing and Managing Distributed Teams

David Copeland

October 26, 2018

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  1. STITCH FIX Wants to Look Good Style Profile Stylist Warehouse

    •Customer Experience •WMS •Buying/Planning •Customer Service •Styling •Payments •etc.
  2. GROWTH & DISTRIBUTED TEAM 2013 $secret (but not much :)

    Revenue Engineering Team Me IC HQ 50% Remote 50% 4 Engineers
  3. GROWTH & DISTRIBUTED TEAM 2013 $secret (but not much :)

    Revenue Engineering Team Me 2018 $1.2B IC Tech Lead UK Expansion 2014 $73M Manager 2016 $730M Director HQ 33% Remote 66% HQ 50% Remote 50% 4 Engineers 180 Engineers IPO!
  4. DIVERSE TEAMS PERFORM BETTER Harvard Business Review
 https://hbr.org/2016/11/why-diverse-teams-are-smarter Forbes

    research-diversity-inclusion-better-decision-making-at-work Inc
 https://www.inc.com/greg-satell/science-says-diversity-can-make- your-team-more-productive-but-not-without-effort.html
  5. THINGS TO BE AWARE OF Benefits laws • Contractor laws

    • Tax nexus Please work with an HR professional
  6. …the capacity to understand or feel what another person is

    experiencing from within their frame of reference… —Wikipedia EMPATHY
  7. WHAT IS A DISTRIBUTED TEAM LIKE? •No instant communication •Not

    awake/working at the same time •No illusion of productivity •No automatic humanization
 Not Physically Present
  8. HOW TO USE THE CHANNELS Aware Respond Escalate How aware

    are you of information coming into the channel? How quickly do you respond to requests? When do you escalate to a higher- bandwidth channel?
  9. ONBOARDING Empathize - they will never be more alone than

    their first day Also: never more open to feedback Clear goals • Constant Contact • Lifeline
  10. DAILY LIFE What do I do? How do I do

    it? Did I do it right? What happens next?
  11. FEEDBACK IS HARD •Programming is a not a profession of

    critique or review •Text & Asynchronous Feedback is hard Cultivate a Culture of Trust, Empathy, and Authenticity
  12. TRUST Capability Can you do it? Consistency Can you do

    it reliably? Motivation Are you doing it for the right reasons?
  13. CONSISTENCY Create a stable environment for execution —a level playing

    field Beware “HQ bias” and “Timezone bias”
  14. What We Are Discussing What’s going on with me? (Authenticity)

    What’s going on with you? (Empathy) HUMANIZE ANY CONVERSATION