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General guide for event organizers - Workshop

General guide for event organizers - Workshop

More details: http://dayforfailure.com/

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September 11, 2012

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  1. Caution! • Keep things simple • Always ask questions •

    Use materials on the website. • We’re non-profit. We cannot provide a financial support. (You might need a sponsor)
  2. Ingredients • 30 >= Participants • 1 Facilitator • Camera

    & Materials* • Refreshments & So! Drinks* * Materials are downloadable on our website (Resources). Materials consist of Posters(A4), Name tags, Videos, Presentation slides, and so forth. * While refreshments and soft drinks are not essential, they easily make people happy.
  3. Recipe • 13:00-13:30 Opening & Intro Material* • 13:30-15:00 Open

    Mic Session* • 15:00-A!er Party (with Refreshments) * Presentation & Video materials (Intro, 5 interviews, and two collages) will be published on the website. You could select the video you think will best suit your target audience. * Open Mic Session: Anyone could come up to the stage and share their failures and lessons within 5 mins. There should be a person who facilitates in the middle. The person is responsbile for encouraging people to speak up and others to applaude after each sharing. The timer is preferably accompanied but too strict time managment might hurt the mood.
  4. Spices* • Post-secret: Participants confess to their failures by writing

    them down in a post card. Later we display on the web. • ‘Doomed to fail’ Games: Have participants do tricky things (e.g. Juggling or Tongue twister before audience.) The point is to make them fail. The one with most courage will be rewarded. • Pledge Bold Action: Prepare a big white board or an equivalent. Let people publicly announce their dreams. * For more details or suggestions, contact [email protected] * Only when you have extra time and energy, use the above. While they will significantly improve the taste of the event, you should remember not to overdo them; Less is more.
  5. Chef ’s Duty 1. Inform us when and where you

    will organize an event. (contact us) 2. Take as many photos as possible. 3. Cook a one-page report on what happened, which will be collected for the blog.