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General guide for event organizers - Additional Tips

General guide for event organizers - Additional Tips

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September 11, 2012

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  1. I am afraid of failure... Don’t worry. It’s only natural.

    What’s the worst thing? Can you accept it? Then, you must go forward.
  2. I need sponsors... We learned that the following types are

    most likely to sponsor our events. • Big companies which are active in Corporate Philanthropy • Foundations which support social causes • Government Organizations & Universities • Entrepreneurial Community (Incubator, Co-working space, and VCs) • Individuals who gave talks about failure and have epic failure stories You can promise following benefits to sponsors • Logo on Dayforfailure.com (visibility to 5+ million people) • Opportunity to speak for 5 minutes during the event • Opportunity to distribute promotional hand-outs. • Event photos with their logos they can use later.
  3. I want volunteers... • Ask on your Facebook and Twitter.

    • Use local networks. (Friends & Coworkers) • Find university Students who are interested in social issues and non profit organizations. • Print out posters from our website and post them to Universities & Public Spaces. • Of course, try your best friends.
  4. Have I missed anything? • Invest 20 minutes to read

    Guides again. • Basically, if you have participants and space, you can organize events. Check that first. • Make sure you followed us on Facebook and Twitter. There will be updates. • Remember to take more than 10 photos during the event and write a short report on what happened.
  5. Hey, I still don’t get how this is done. Before

    the event • Contact us and say that you want to organize an event in your local area. • Decide Dates and Venue. • Decide on the size of an event (50+ or 30-) and what components you would add to the event (speaker, games, post-secrets and etc). • (If needed) Reach out for team mates. • Create a Facebook event page for it and invite friends. • Start marketing with materials on our website. • (If needed) search for sponsors. • Write a pre-event story and share it with press. (example on Press page) During the event • Ask participants for the email and tell them you will send a final report. • Tweet and Take photos A!er the event • Ask participants how they experienced the event and ask for feedback. • Send photos and a report to [email protected]