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Architectural decisions and their impact

Architectural decisions and their impact

There are quite a few talks out there explaining architectural patterns, but it is harder to find examples from actual projects and more specifically, making architectural changes in an existing project.

This talk aims to fill this gap by showing how two major architectural problems were identified, how the impacted the code and finally what we changed and how it improved the code. Since we use an open source project for this, you can even follow along by checking out the old versions, looking at the pull requests and obviously the current state for the result.

Denis Brumann

November 10, 2022

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  1. Warning Signs Services creating other services (usage of new in

    code) Service Locator or factory-usage Config-objects (or arrays) being passed through
  2. Possible Problems Runtime errors (invalid context, misconfigured services) Debugging is

    more difficult (which service/config was used?) More coupling & complexity