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What's new in Symfony 6.1

What's new in Symfony 6.1

The upcoming release of Symfony 6.1 brings a series of new features, including the new HtmlSanitizer component and many improvements around developer experience. This talk shows some of the highlights.

Denis Brumann

April 28, 2022

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  1. Symfony User Group Köln What's new in Symfony 6.1 Denis

    Brumann @dbrumann Christian Flothmann @xabbuh powered by
  2. Asset BrowserKit Cache Console Config DependencyInjection ErrorHandler ExpressionLanguage Finder Form

    FrameworkBundle HtmlSanitizer HttpClient HttpFoundation HttpKernel Ldap Lock Mailer Messenger Mime Notifier PhpUnitBridge PropertyInfo Routing Security Serializer Translation TwigBundle Validator Yaml
  3. Allgemein Requiring the "symfony/symfony" package is deprecated Replace it with

    standalone components instead. #45563 @nicolas-grekas
  4. DI

  5. Mime Add DraftMail type: $content = (new DraftEmail() :>html($twig:>render(::.)) :>attach(::.)

    :>toString() ; $response = new Response($message:>toString()); $contentDisposition = $response:>headers:>makeDisposition( ResponseHeaderBag::DISPOSITION_ATTACHMENT, 'download.eml' ); #44311 @kbond
  6. Notifier Sendberry Bridge KazInfoTeh Bridge 46elks Bridge OrangeSMS Bridge Engagespot

    Bridge #45195 @StaffNova #44360 @taranovegor #44874 @jongotlin #44884 @enigma972 #44303 @danut007ro
  7. PHPUnitBridge Add option ignoreFile to configure a list of known

    deprecations to ignore: #45226 @mondrake /Test message .*/ /^\d* occurrences/
  8. Translation Add support for dumping xliff translations as .xlf or

    .xliff file This is needed for example for the translation provider Lokalise and the GitLab integration for this provider. #45421 @DanielBadura