Rails Enterprise book critique

Rails Enterprise book critique

In December I took up Enterprise Rails in hopes of learning how to build a proper rails application. It taught me some new things but left other questions unanswered. Here's my thoughts on what we can learn and what we need to look further for.


David Dikman

January 10, 2020


  1. January 2020 FACY | David Dikman Enterprise Rails by Dan

    Chak Book critique:
  2. Learn to build big applications Goal January 2020 FACY |

    David Dikman
  3. Summary Quick overview January 2020 FACY | David Dikman

  4. Aside from introducing SAO only briefly touches on modularity January

    2020 DB FOCUS NOT EXHAUSTIVE LITTLE ARCHITECTURE Little detail on many concepts such as dependency injection or testing Almost each chapter touches on database concerns FACY | David Dikman
  5. January 2020 FACY | David Dikman Content overview

  6. January 2020 Structure SOA REST Caching Database concerns - Normal

    form - Validation - Constraints - Performance FACY | David Dikman
  7. January 2020 The examples aren’t perfect code Double take #1:

    One letter members and use of old_ FACY | David Dikman
  8. January 2020 Sometimes breaking principles Double take #2: Liskovs Substitution

    principle FACY | David Dikman
  9. Separate code based on domains January 2020 On structuring :

    FACY | David Dikman
  10. Constraints in database January 2020 Referential integrity FACY | David

  11. Domain key normal form January 2020 Object orientation for databases

    FACY | David Dikman
  12. Service Oriented Architecture January 2020 Don’t place all your code

    in one application FACY | David Dikman
  13. Caching January 2020 Scale B u t t h a

    t ʼ s a s t o r y f o r a n o t h e r t i m e FACY | David Dikman
  14. January 2020 FACY | David Conclusions

  15. January 2020 Outdated Take it with a grain of salt

    and fact check to see if there are newer, modern solutions/gems FACY | David
  16. January 2020 Not perfect Donʼt copy word for word FACY

    | David
  17. January 2020 Still valid Many concepts and solutions are still

    valid, apply constraints, cache close to the user and structure into services FACY | David
  18. January 2020 FACY | David Dikman Next time Caching

  19. January 2020 Q & A FACY | David Dikman

  20. January 2020 Thank You FACY | David Dikman