SW01 - After Effects and Dynamic Link

SW01 - After Effects and Dynamic Link



May 08, 2012


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    1.5.1 Why After Effects 1.5.2 Using AE for your projects

    1.5.3 Learning curve and support 1.5.4 Integration with Premiere 1.5.5 Workflow optimisation 1.5 After Effects and Dynamic Link Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    1.5.1 Why After Effects? 1.Extremely good fun! EL is an

    ideal time... 2.Develop skills in 2D and 3D space 3.You SHOULD use it for pro video work 4.You NEED to use it for pro animation work! 5.Skills highly in-demand 6.More skills to add to your CV 7.Integration with Adobe tools you already know 8.It’s not cheap so use it while you can! Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    1.5.2 Using AE for your projects 1.Shooting and editing video

    2.Editing video only 3.Animation/ motion graphics 4.Video and animation / motion graphics Ollie, Dan and Kooper Beth, Phil and Jake Hollie (All of the above) Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    Shooting and editing video Editing video only Motion graphics Video

    and animation / motion graphics Colour grading 1.5.2 Using AE for your projects Animated titles Graphics & special fx Transitions Typical uses of After Effects Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    Graphics and special fx e.g. for The Avengers (2012) HUD

    visual effects Chroma keying Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    1.5.3 Learning curve and support 1.Depends on how you use

    it... 2.New terminology: Comps, Pre-comps, keyframes, bezier curves.... 3.You go as deep as you have to / want to 4.Skills workshop AE videos (due in week 3 or 4) 5.My support is always available.. Book tech slots 6.Loads of online support 7.Guru’s include Andrew Kramer and Eran Stern 8.2 or 3 good books in LRC, Chester Campus Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    1.5.4 Integration with Premiere 1.Dynamic Link [demo] 2.Changing the way

    you approach editing 3.Extremely flexible (be careful, though) 4.Multi-file format support 5.Premiere filter support (but a few issues) 6.Output / Export options Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    1.5.5 Workflow optimisation 1.I keep saying it, but: 2.Get organised

    from the first minute - it W ILL save you time.. 3.OS folder structure vs software folders 4.Even more important than ever not to move media when Dynamic Link-ing! Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    1. Little point going through practical work until you are

    making headway, so: 2.No more “lecture” style workshops, instead: 3.Book skills support slots with me as and when you need them. This is IN ADDIT ION TO your weekly catch up meetings. 4.Download all SW slides from Portal. Should all be available by middle of next week. 5.Online workbook is being updated Debrief Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    Carry on working on your projects. I will be available

    on email this week, then back in next week Today Tuesday, 8 May 12
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    A. Video production students (shooting and editing): You are required

    to have a draft script completed and clear evidence of a production schedule finalised with client. B. Video post-production students (editing only): You are to provide evidence of your Premiere projects being set up correctly, with all digital assets in order. You must also provide a draft script, outlining the proposed sequence (or sequences) along with details of any potential issues with certain footage, or audio. C. Video / motion graphics animation: You are required to have a detailed draft storyboard completed, demonstrating your approach to visual and audio content. You must include proposed timing of sequences and mention how your chosen audio will be used to enhance the video animation. This weeks hand-in Tuesday, 8 May 12