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Teaching Through Code Review

April 28, 2021

Teaching Through Code Review


April 28, 2021

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  1. @DerekB_WI Knowledge Sharing This is probably one of the most

    valuable reasons to do code review.” – Trisha Gee of JetBrains
  2. @DerekB_WI Excellent Coaching Opportunity Insightful feedback accelerates learning and growth.

    Quality code strengthens readability and system understanding. This is a force multiplier for the team’s long term feature velocity. Curtis Einsmann – AWS Engineer
  3. @DerekB_WI I comment with kindness I comment on the code,

    not the person. I avoid using “you” or “your.” I prefix nitpicks with ”nit.” I phrase most comments as questions or suggestions. I leave at least one positive comment. Curtis Einsmann – AWS Engineer
  4. @DerekB_WI learning from others. Remember that code reviews are not

    just for looking at what’s wrong, but for Camila Lenis – Truora, Inc.
  5. @DerekB_WI Resources • How to Review Someone Else’s Code -

    https://youtu.be/TlXy_i27N3w • Code Review Best Practice - https://youtu.be/a9_0UUUNt-Y • What to Look For in a Code Review - https://leanpub.com/whattolookforinacodereview\ • Blackillustrations.com • https://twitter.com/curtiseinsmann • https://dev.to/camilaleniss/the-code-review-guide-4gfo • https://hbr.org/2018/01/negative-feedback-rarely-leads-to-improvement