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Pardon the disruption: a user-first approach to software design

April 25, 2022

Pardon the disruption: a user-first approach to software design

The technology industry celebrates disruptive technologies and brags about revolutionary new features and products. Lots of great technology has been created this way. Most of the time, our product’s users don’t want to be disrupted or revolutionized. They just want things to work. In this talk, you will learn to think of your users first when designing your software or website. Thinking this way will allow your users to better understand changes and embrace new, great features instead of fearing them.


April 25, 2022

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  1. Pardon the Disruption
    Derek Binkley @DerekB_WI
    A user-
    rst approach to software design

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    Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

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  5. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Of users hate email collection pop-ups

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  7. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Multiple Calls to Action

    • Requiring User’s Attention
    Design Smells

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  8. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    High Risk Scenarios

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  9. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/03/25/1088902487/former-nurse-found-guilty-in-accidental-injection-death-of-75-year-old-patient

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  11. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    RaDonda Vaught, former nurse convicted of involuntary manslaughter in accidental death of patient
    "Overriding was something we did as part of our practice every day. You couldn't get
    a bag of
    uids for a patient without using an override function."

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  12. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Lorie Brown, past president of the American Association of Nurse Attorneys
    "This is a medication that you should never, ever, be able to override to. It’s
    probably the most dangerous medication out there."

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  13. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Routinely Ignored Warnings

    • Assuming User’s Complete

    • Requiring User’s Precision
    Design Smells
    Photo by Mwabonje: https://www.pexels.com/photo/stop-sign-1806900/

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  14. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    — many users of technology
    “I’m not good with technology”

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  15. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things
    “The Technology is not good with People”

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  16. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Target Audience

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  17. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • What is Your Audience?

    • Who do you want them to

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  18. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Maddy Beard, while working as Adobe Creative Resident
    “My aim is to help a company by focusing
    on helping their audience.”

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  19. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Marketing Design

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  20. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Ease of Use

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  21. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    “Making a solution less complex isn't
    "dumbing it down," it's making it more

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  22. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Engineers approach problems

    • Your user’s generally don’t
    Photo by Brett Jordan: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-shot-of-scrabble-tiles-on-a-white-surface-5721050/

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  23. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    User Error

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  24. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • People Aren’t

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  25. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • People Aren’t

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  26. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Help Correct

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  27. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Guiding Users

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  29. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Solve the Right Problem

    • Keep asking Why?

    • Explore Solutions

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  30. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Make error correction easy

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  31. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Investigating User Behavior

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  32. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • People leave clues
    Physical World

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  33. @DerekB_WI @Localize

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  35. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Site Analytics Tools

    • Homegrown Tools/Logs

    • Support Case Analysis

    • All of the Above
    Tracking Activity
    Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

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  36. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Stakeholder Approval

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  37. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Be sure of yourself

    • Understand the Why

    • When the User wins the Company wins

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  38. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • Know your Users

    • Solve their actual Problems

    • Users are

    • Not Precise

    • Chaotic

    • Software can

    • Help correct errors

    • Use power of computers

    • Be con

    • Build Great Things!!!

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  39. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    Thank You
    Derek Binkley - Full Stack Engineer
    with Localize

    Remote from Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    Keep in Touch:

    • @DerekB_WI

    [email protected]

    • Free stickers at the conference

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  40. @DerekB_WI @Localize
    • https://asktog.com/atc/principles-of-interaction-design/

    • https://www.cs.umd.edu/users/ben/goldenrules.html

    • https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics/

    • https://xd.adobe.com/ideas/process/ui-design/4-golden-rules-ui-

    • https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/topics/user-centered-

    • https://twitter.com/joulee/status/1503452971752849409

    • https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/article/This-8-year-old-wanted-to-

    • https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/03/25/1088902487/

    • https://learn.g2.com/case-study/why-your-visitors-hate-pop-ups

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