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Getting Back from the Community

D2a21b64d2da715a0ee5f89a9dd65d94?s=47 Femi TAIWO
November 27, 2017

Getting Back from the Community

Stories and highlights from different developers in Nigeria who have gained back from the community, how they did and what to think about when you want to.



November 27, 2017


  1. Getting Back from the Community By Femi TAIWO | @dftaiwo

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  3. Getting Back from the Community By Femi TAIWO | @dftaiwo

  4. Testimony Time!!!

  5. - I have been sponsored severally to travel around Africa

    and speak at developer events. - Personal fulfillment and happiness. - All my career opportunities were driven by community contributions starting from my first employer. @codebeast
  6. - One major thing I got back was meeting the

    right people I needed at every phase I've ever been at - I met everyone who has had a significant impact in my life (other than family) through the community starting from Ife to Lagos and even internationally. - Fun fact: I met for the first time and sat next to Corey Latislaw during the Global GDG Summit in 2015. ... OffGrid Electric Job - And of course, all the trips I never have to pay for :D @moyheen
  7. - “I would say that the biggest thing I’ve gotten

    back from the community is their support. I always feel a lot of support from everyone in everything I do, and that always pushes me to continue to put myself out there and do even more.” - ... just people on Twitter messaging me to say things like they started learning web development because of me, or they started writing a blog because of bitsofcode. @ireaderinokun
  8. @ace_kyd - I started out with the community by helping

    people out on DevCenter.co, fixing bugs etc and from there I got open to job opportunities and freelance referrals. - Contributing to Open Source through GitHub also got me my first job after school, since the employer found my profile on GitHub - The AceKYD Lagos Tech Tour was made possible by volunteers from the community looking to be a part of the journey @ace_kyd
  9. - Invited to Laracon EU and to WebExpo Conference, Prague

    2017. I was asked to come and speak on a platter of Gold in both cases - Giving to the community also aided my becoming a Google Developer Expert. Someone recognized me in the community and submitted my name to Google as a candidate. And Oh, I never knew there was something called "Google Developer Expert" before I became one. - Apart from Auth0, I now consult for a US-Based Saas company because I was giving to the community. And, I did not apply for the consultancy job. I was extended the offer based on all my community work & I didn't do an interview. - Invitation to Open Source Conference at San Francisco in February as the only African (live-in-Africa) delegate. @unicodeveloper
  10. - During my service year, I got selected to join

    the SAED training program as a trainer and earned extra money, get posted to the best place in town, all because of how much I had given as a tech enthusiast in school. - I got my first job as I worked as a volunteer - I get perks from many different companies including Google & GitHub - Got my current job based on my contributions “I am where I am today, and I have gotten all I have gotten today because of what I have given” “I believe once you give to the community or to life itself, you always get back—and in many folds, what you give.” @osioke
  11. @iam_JayKay - I have gotten a lot of gigs from

    just being a designer for the community to working with great people like Mark Essien, Mubarak(RIP), Aniedi, Acekyd & Kunle - Opportunities to keep growing my design career - One of the secrets to my Scotch.io designer Job
  12. @dftaiwo - Network - Mileage - Exposure - Experience -

    Goodwill - Leads, Hire & Hired - Relationships @dftaiwo
  13. Giving to the Community

  14. - Strive for outcome, not perfection - Done is better

    than perfect - Don’t be a loner - Always look to help out without waiting to be asked - Be on the lookout for ways to serve and give the best of yourself Things to Remember - Words
  15. Things to Remember - Words - Do this without expecting

    any rewards or thank yous. - Focus on quality as against quantity or recognition. - Don’t worry about what you get. Just focus on giving your best, and you will always get something back. - Build your network
  16. Tell Your Story

  17. Thank You @dftaiwo