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October 15, 2013


Tristan Linnell, from #canthack presents PiPurr: An open source project he developed that allows you to interact with your cats whilst away from home.



October 15, 2013


  1. PiPurr Tris Linnell canthack.org

  2. Q: I want to start writing open source software in

    my spare time… What to write? A: Find something that annoys you, and fix it! PiPurr
  3. How to keep eye on cats when away? ...and keep

    them entertained? Remote Cat Interaction Server :-) Using just a Raspberry Pi and an Android phone! PiPurr
  4. Mia and Ada

  5. Original Plan Always-on Linux media/TV PC Existing server software: lighttpd

    to serve images Various (broken!) applications to capture webcam images Interfered with TV capture Broke when needed and couldn’t fix without reboot! PiPurr is the solution!
  6. PiPurr Server Web Server on Raspberry Pi Written in Python

    Uses extension of HTTPServer class Webcam for images OpenCV for capture Stepper Motor for feeding Open source (BSD Licence)
  7. PiPurr Hardware Raspberry Pi Computer Cheap Low Power Linux, Python,

    GPIO, USB...
  8. PiPurr Hardware PicoBorg (piborg.org) Stepper motor Treat dispenser

  9. PiPurr Hardware LedBorg (piborg.org) for status codes 404 Not Found,

    503 Forbidden - RED Images 200 OK - GREEN Sounds 200 OK - BLUE
  10. PiPurr Hardware

  11. PiPiurr Sound...

  12. None
  13. PiPurr Feeder

  14. None
  15. Android Client Easy to use AsyncTask Apache HTTPClient Sharing Intent

    Open source (BSD Licence)
  16. PiPurr URIs /cats.jpeg Get current photo from the webcam /sound

    Play meow sound from speakers /feed Dispense cat treat!
  17. Web App HTML5 Javascript/JQuery Much simpler than Android client

  18. Web App Firefox Phone ZTE Open Firefox OS Simple port

    from HTML5 app
  19. PiPurr Future More actions... Laser/LED pointer? Streaming Video Authentication/HTTPS?

  20. PiPurr Demo Android version...

  21. PiPurr Thanks! More hacks at canthack.org

  22. None