A context aware app for Android

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October 15, 2013

A context aware app for Android

An app that allows people to share their location with a selected group of friends for specified time period and in a defined geographical area.



October 15, 2013


  1. A context aware app for Android Adam Gillmore Dan Jones,

    Ka Lan Leung Nick Ryan Tuesday, 15 October 13
  2. Location and Privacy My Location History Anyone Friends and Contacts

    Third party apps Google/ Apple Phone Network Tuesday, 15 October 13
  3. Aims • Achieve this with – Minimal collection and storage

    of personal data • Not aiming to be – A commercial app – A masterpiece of design and Share My Location Selected Selected Times Selected Friends Tuesday, 15 October 13
  4. Tuesday, 15 October 13

  5. Best Location Algorithm Is GPS available? Is GPS recent? Is

    GPS accurate? Is Network available? Use Network Location Use GPS Location Wait for new location Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Tuesday, 15 October 13
  6. _id date start end attendees Google Calendar SQLite Content Provider

    Gmail Sync Time Intent 1381171304 com.my_app.main AlarmManager Automatically launch app Event Sharing Tuesday, 15 October 13
  7. Google Cloud Messaging • Allows third party apps to send

    data between users • Now needed to store Gmail address and Our server Gmail addresses GCM codes Google cloud GCM Broadcast Other user Tuesday, 15 October 13
  8. Tuesday, 15 October 13

  9. Tuesday, 15 October 13

  10. Boundary Rules • myLocation.distanceTo(BOUNDARY_CENTRE) • Inside – Others see your

    location and you see theirs • Outside – you still see your location but no-one else’s – everyone sees your last location inside the boundary, but it is marked as inactive – If you re-enter your location sharing becomes active again • You can exit the event at any time • When you exit your location data is deleted from the server Tuesday, 15 October 13
  11. Tuesday, 15 October 13

  12. Final Points • Only Gmail and GCM code stored on

    server • No location history tracked and all location data deleted at end of session • Successfully restrict location sharing to specified people, times and locations • Google’s latest location API includes – Fused location provider Tuesday, 15 October 13