Флориан Янсен. Lamoda — предпринимательство

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April 17, 2018

Флориан Янсен. Lamoda — предпринимательство



April 17, 2018


  1. How to build a leading online retailer in Russia

  2. None
  3. 2011 Lamoda.ru opens with focus on the shoes category Outsourced

    fulfilment center, delivery service and customer service 2012 Introduces apparel and accessories Lamoda.kz opens in Kazakhstan Own fulfilment center opens LM Express launch in Moscow 2013 Lamoda.ua opens, 1st own call center in Ukraine LM Express launch in the regions Mobile APPs launch Raises additional $130.000.000 2014 Lamoda.by opens in Belarus Own contact center opens in Volgograd Own brand Lost Ink launch 2015 B2B & Marketplace launch LM Express with Next Day delivery in 150+ cities Expands Premium segment with new exclusive partners 2016 Finishes further automation in Fulfilment centre 2018 Purchase of Pick-Up.Ru 5th place in Forbes Award «20 most expensive companies in Runet» Strong expansion of Premium / Kids / Home / Apparel 2017 3000+ brands Lamoda’s PUPs with try on service in 115 locations, 10.000+ pickups of partners 3rd call center launch 15 min intervals «The best app» award from Oborot History of development 5.500+ EMPLOYEES 200+ EMPLOYEES 0 customers 8.000.000+ customers
  4. Key Facts Today

  5. > € 300 mln invested

  6. Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Belarus Leading online retailer in 4 countries

  7. #1 in brand awareness in fashion e-commerce in Russia/CIS

  8. «The best mobile app» award from Oborot 5th place in

    Forbes «20 most expensive companies in Runet»
  9. PRETTY, COMFORTABLE & SEXY 3.000 fashion brands with 30%+ exclusive

  10. 260.000+ styles with millions of items behind

  11. 1.500.000+ visits per day

  12. 60% of revenues are coming from APPs

  13. BEST IN CLASS ECOM WAREHOUSE 40.000+ sqm of automated fulfilment

  14. BEST IN CLASS ECOM DELIVERY 1.500+ LM Express salesmen delivering

    orders every day
  15. 150+ 1 hour & 15min Moscow cities with next day

    delivery delivery windows across Russia same day delivery
  16. BEST IN CLASS ECOM CALL CENTER 600+ operators in 3


  18. Success factors – what brought us that far?

  19. Clear vision & consumer oriented strategy Vision: create a curated

    lifestyle platform Consumer orientation: solve real problems
  20. Driven and versatile team to execute Environment that fits tech,

    fashion, and ops people Different professional background Young and hungry mixed with experienced professionals
  21. Brand relationships Create an environment where brands feel safe Being

    brand partner #1, solve their problems
  22. Numbers driven Tech-driven Orientation to detail Operational excellence

  23. Thank you! Florian Jansen, CEO Lamoda Group florian.jansen@lamoda.ru