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Serverless Haskell

Serverless Haskell

Slides from a talk on Serverless Haskell at the Melbourne Haskell Users Group meetup, 22nd February 2018

David Overton

February 22, 2018

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  1. Motivation • AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework make it

    easy to write small functions and deploy them to the cloud… • … but not in Haskell • Aim: to make it as easy to do serverless programming in Haskell as it is in NodeJS or Python •
  2. What we did • Serverless Haskell • Developed over a

    3 day Hackathon at SEEK in December 2017 • Consists of ◦ A Serverless plugin ◦ A Haskell library
  3. Serverless plugin • Provides a NodeJS wrapper that spawns your

    Haskell executable • Hooks up pipes for input, output and logging • At the moment it will spawn a new exe on each invocation • Future plan: keep the exe running so that it can handle multiple invocations
  4. Haskell library lambdaMain :: (Aeson.FromJSON event, Aeson.ToJSON res) => (event

    -> IO res) -- ^ Function to process the event -> IO ()
  5. Event types Types for dealing with common Lambda events So

    far • SNS • S3 • Kinesis • APIGateway Plan to add more.
  6. Embedded events • Some event types (e.g. SNS, APIGateway) have

    stringified JSON or Base64 embedded within string values in the JSON • TextValue and Embedded
  7. Conclusion • We have several Lambdas at SEEK using this

    • GitHub https://github.com/seek-oss/serverless-haskell • Also on npm, hackage and stackage • Future extensions: ◦ Allow more than one Lambda invocation ◦ Allow multiple functions per project ◦ Expand the supported event types • We would love to get more users • Pull requests invited