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Michał Poczwardowski

October 12, 2016

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  1. Gems from dry dry-web-roda - dry-rb.org - dry-auto_inject - dry-types

    - dry-system - dry-initializer - dry-monads - dry-core - dry-configurable - dry-struct - dry-validation - dry-transaction - dry-logic - dry-view - dry-container - dry-web - dry-system-rails - dry-system railtie - dry-matcher - dry-equalizer - dry-monitor - dry-pipeline
  2. rom Ruby Object Mapper (ROM) is a Ruby persistence library

    with the goal to provide powerful object mapping capabilities without limiting the full power of your datastore.
  3. rom exists to: • Isolate the application from persistence details

    • Provide minimum infrastructure for mapping and persistence • Provide shared abstractions for lower-level components • Provide simple use of the underlying datastore when desired
  4. roda Roda is a routing tree web toolkit, with the

    primary goals of simplicity, reliability, extensibility, and performance.
  5. Not yet but... +change positive architecture+ +designed for domain+ +small

    components -> easy focus+ +easy to understand, reuse, test+