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UA Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit - SunshinePHP 2014

February 08, 2014

UA Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit - SunshinePHP 2014

Nothing is as frustrated as deploying a new release of your web application to find out functionality you had doesn't work anymore. Of course you have all your unit tests in place and you run them through your CI environment, but nothing prepared you to a failing javascript error or a link that doesn't work anymore. Welcome to User Acceptance testing or UAT. Before you start putting real people in front of your application, create macros and export them as PHPUnit test classes. Then run them in an automated way just like your unit tests and hook them into your CI. In this talk I will show you how easy it is to create Selenium macros that can be converted into PHPUnit scripts and run automatically on different virtual machines (VMs) so you can test all different browsers on a diversity of operating systems.


February 08, 2014

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  1. Today’s  goal • Set  up  and  use  Selenium  IDE  

    • Record  UA  tests   • Convert  to  PHPUnit   • Run  con'nuously   • Mul'  browser  support
  2. Meaningful  method  name <?php class MarkTaskDoneTest extends PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase { protected

    function setUp() { $this->setBrowser("*iexplore"); $this->setBrowserUrl("http://www.theialive.com/"); $this->setHost(''); $this->setPort(12666); } ! public function testMyTestCase() { $this->open("/"); $this->click("link=login"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->type("id=email", "[email protected]"); $this->type("id=password", "test1234"); $this->click("id=signin"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->click("link=Test demo"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->assertEquals("Done", $this->getText("xpath=//th[5]")); $this->click("link=[EDIT]"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->assertTrue($this->isElementPresent("id=done")); $this->click("link=sign off"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); } } ?>
  3. Modify  MarkTaskDoneTest   <?php /** * Class MarkTaskDoneTest * *

    @group Selenium */ require_once 'TestCase.php'; class MarkTaskDoneTest extends TestCase { public function testMarkTestAsDone() { $this->open("/"); $this->click("link=login"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->type("id=email", TestCase::USERNAME); $this->type("id=password", TestCase::PASSWORD); $this->click("id=signin"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->click("link=Test demo"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->assertEquals("Done", $this->getText("xpath=//th[5]")); $this->click("link=[EDIT]"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); $this->assertTrue($this->isElementPresent("id=done")); $this->click("link=sign off"); $this->waitForPageToLoad("30000"); } }
  4. Benefits • run  your  tests  on  mul'ple  browsers   •

    detect  flaws  in  specific  browsers  (e.g.  IE6)   -­‐ adapt  your  apps  to  solve  these  flaws