Speaker Deck

A Philosophy of Restraint

by Simon Collison

Published September 10, 2012 in Design

Variant of a talk given at An Event Apart (Seattle), ESAD (Porto), Webshaped (Helsinki), Refresh (Edinburgh), and Reasons Festival (Brighton) during 2012. Some slides of work in progress removed.

With a wealth of ideas and tools at our disposal, we often muddle our messages and complicate our code.

We appreciate that less is usually more, yet stuff our sites to bursting point, failing to be economical with what we have.

We must know when to stop, and when to throw things out. We should embrace simplicity and subtlety, and exploit the invisible.

Through timeless lessons and practical examples, learn how reduction and restraint can improve communication, emotion, and experience in our designs, with a philosophy applicable to every aspect of the systems we produce.