[ZendCon EU 2013] The Evolution of DevOps

Fee39f0c0ffb29d9ac21607ed188be6b?s=47 Davey Shafik
November 20, 2013

[ZendCon EU 2013] The Evolution of DevOps

With the rapid adoption of new software development methodologies and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), we’ve seen a new role emerge, DevOps.

The DevOp is a master of this new domain: The Cloud. But just as quickly as we’ve seen DevOps emerge, we’re seeing the role evolve as advanced platforms and services enter on to the scene.

During this talk, we’ll explore how DevOps is evolving, what that means to you, and your role in the ever changing landscape of development and the cloud.


Davey Shafik

November 20, 2013