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Lightening talk delivered at PyCon India 2016

Devashish Deshpande

September 24, 2016

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  1. News classification with Gensim Devashish Deshpande Undergraduate student RaRe Technologies

    Incubator Program Github: dsquareindia Blogs: https://rare-technologies.com/blog/
  2. What is a good LDA model? • Come up with

    good topics • Infer topic distribution (United topic): mourinho, red_devils, old_trafford, bad_team... (Arsenal topic): wenger, henry, invincibles,.... (City topic): aguero, etihad, england, premier_league (Chelsea topic): blues, football, roman, bridge,... Football LDA model
  3. Evaluating topic models • Manually – Look at the topics.

    See if they are interpretable. – Comparing different topic models Qualititative
  4. Topic Coherence • Assign a number to the human interpretability!

    Comparing topic models becomes much easier
  5. Topic Coherence • Better LDA -> Better topics -> Better

    classification Topics from topic modeling tutorial on Lee corpus