How to rumble in the Responsive Application jungle

F18bf1157e905ffa6346e42c79e15953?s=47 Hervé Mischler
November 22, 2013

How to rumble in the Responsive Application jungle

Responsive Web Design is now a prerequisite for creating websites that will survive and thrive on a multitude of devices. And, while mobile platforms have introduced new design principles to support their delicate device-driven ecosystems; the Web is still King of the Jungle. So, the question is: What new design concepts and techniques can we learn from when creating responsive web applications in such an unruly environment? In this session you’ll learn how to remain top of the food chain with the aid of reusable components, platform-agnostic controls and responsive patterns which can be adapted to your chosen framework.


Hervé Mischler

November 22, 2013