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Let’s Start Contributing to Open Source!

Let’s Start Contributing to Open Source!

Workshop at Code Mania 110. Presented with @AimeTPGM.

Thai Pangsakulyanont

November 25, 2017

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  1. Slide № 5 dtinth Thai Pangsakulyanont (Thai) bemusic / bemuse

    dtinth / promptpay-qr … taskworld / prescript
  2. Slide № 7 dtinth Thai Pangsakulyanont (Thai) AimeTPGM Pankamol Srikaew

    (Aime) phoomparin Phoomparin Mano (Phoom) chonlatee Chonlatee Jumratsee (Neng)
  3. Slide № 40 Reading and understanding code Debugging skills Organizing

    large codebase Maintainability Security best practices
  4. Slide № 41 Using and modifying open source software taught

    me the skills that tutorials could never teach
  5. /: GF A 0 CG 9 D C C /

    D I A A 9 D 0/ I 0
  6. Contribution Cheatsheet $git checkout -b <branch-name> $git add . $git

    commit -m “a short comment to commit” $git push origin <branch-name> $git checkout master $git merge <branch-name> $git branch -d <branch-name> $git status $git commit -m “a short comment to commit” $git push origin master G DA DC A A C F A D latest Make Pull Request (master + new feature) merge new feature to master latest master refactor new feature create a branch add all untracked files commit changes push changes change branch to master merge branch to master delete a branch check current status commit changes (if any) push to master
  7. Contribution Cheatsheet G DA DC A A C F A

    D $git checkout -b session-review $git add . $git commit -m “add review for sessions” $git push origin session-review $git checkout master $git merge session-review $git branch -d session-review $git status $git commit -m “update sessions’ reviews” $git push origin master latest master session-review merge session-review to master Make Pull Request Example