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Senior Crafters

Senior Crafters

My NewCrafts 2018 conference


May 17, 2018

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  1. #NCRAFTERS @cyrdup •Senior Software architect at Société Générale •30 years

    of coding experience •NFluent principal maintainer •SG ‘Speaker Academy’ co-founder
  2. #NCRAFTERS Agenda •Senior Software Crafters are rare •A model for

    expertise •On-going crisis •How you can fix this
  3. #NCRAFTERS Do things • Learning the ropes • First code

    • Steps toward mastering a platform
  4. #NCRAFTERS Tackle the right problem • Stop being distracted by

    the solutions, think problems first • DDD / Event Storming, Business Architecture
  5. #NCRAFTERS Everything is connected • Identify the influence of systems,

    people, environment • Focus on feedback loops • Cynefin, SYSTEM THINKING
  6. #NCRAFTERS A personal path #1 Do Things #2 Do Things

    Right #3 Do Right Thing #4 Tackle Right #5 Systems
  7. #NCRAFTERS ‘To be ignorant of what occurred before you were

    born is to remain always a child.’ M.T. Cicero
  8. #NCRAFTERS #1 master of code •Remember your firs steps •Stay

    humble •Learn technologies •Pair with others •Enjoy
  9. #NCRAFTERS #2…#5 •Talk about your experience, teach others •Stay humble

    •Learn non technical stuff •business/users oriented •practices/processes/methods
  10. #NCRAFTERS Ideas •Find someone to mentor or coach •Organize a

    BBL •Prepare a conference •Contribute to OSS projects that support innovative practices •Read,NON.TECHNICAL.PAPERS /BOOKS •Actively support diversity •Learn IT history •Fight back NIH •Pick a problem and stick to it
  11. #NCRAFTERS Recap Senior Software crafters are rare The five stages

    model The real software crisis Challenges ahead
  12. #NCRAFTERS • Human vs Computers (book by Gojko Adjic) •

    The Future of Programming (talk by Robert CMartin) • What went wrong with the IT industry (talk by Jim Coplien) • Occupations in Information Technology (US census, https://www.census.gov/library/ publications/2016/acs/acs-35.html) • 35 years of experience and x00s of interviews • Informal Twiter survey