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Vim, the final text editor you need to learn

Vim, the final text editor you need to learn


May 07, 2013

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  1. if you want to use my .vimrc 1. clone from

    my Github repo 2. cd to cloned repo and execute install script 3. make symbolic link for vim 4. done!
  2. Modes Switch: 1. in normal mode, i or a or

    o to enter insert mode(i = insert, a = append, o = newline) 2. in insert mode, ESC or Ctrl+[ to enter normal mode 3. in normal mode, hit v or V to enter visual mode 4. in visual mode, hit ESC or Ctrl+[ to normal mode
  3. ✓:w write to file. ✓:q exit Vim. ✓:tabe create a

    new tab. ✓gt to switch to next tab, gT to previous tab. (I map gt and gT to F7 and F8 in my vimrc) ✓:new to create a horizontal split window, :vnew or :vs to create a vertical split window.
  4. ✓vi -o a.rb b.rb to open those two files at

    the same time with horizontal split window. ✓vi -O a.rb b.rb same as above, but in vertical split window. ✓vi -p a.rb b.rb to open files with tabs. ✓vi http://www.eddie.com.tw will read the source content into vim directly.
  5. Practice: 1. quit Vim, and launch Vim, quite Vim, and

    launch Vim .. x N 2. open a file with Vim, exit, then open it again, then exit .. x N
  6. Practice: 1. select a word, deselect, and select another word,

    and deselect.. x N 2. select a word, delete it, select another word, and delete.. X N
  7. Practice: 1. select a sentence, deselect, and select another sentence,

    and deselect.. x N 2. select a sentence, delete it, select another sentence, and delete.. X N
  8. Practice: 1. select a paragraph, deselect, and select another paragraph,

    and deselect.. x N 2. select a paragraph, delete it, select another paragraph, and delete.. X N
  9. ✓w or W to move cursor forward by a word,

    and b or B is backward. ✓0 to back to the begin of the line, and $ is jump to the end. ✓fx will stop the cursor at the next "x" character in current line, and F is search backward.
  10. ✓} will move cursor to next section, { move to

    last section. ✓vit will visually select content between the tag, while vat will even including the tag. ✓vi" will visually select content between current double quotes. ✓viw will select the current word.
  11. ✓gg will move the cursor to the top of the

    current file, and G will jump to bottom. ✓zz, zb, zt ✓/ search, n can jump to next matched result, and N will jump to last one. ✓* search the word on cursor.
  12. ✓D to clear all content of current line after the

    cursor. ✓C like D, but enter insert mode. dG will clear all content after the cursor, dgg will clear all content before the cursor. ✓x remove a character. ✓. to repeat last action. ✓dd to delete whole line, 3dd to delete 3 lines.
  13. ✓yy yank the whole line of the cursor. ✓3yy yank

    3 lines. ✓p paste content from register, 3p paster content from register for 3 times. ✓= re-format, gg=G re-format whole file.
  14. ✓dw, diw to delete the word in the cursor. ✓cw,

    ciw same as above, but enter insert mode. r to replace current character. ✓J to concatenate current line with next line, 3J will concatenate next 3 lines. ✓> to add indentation, < to remove indentation.
  15. in terminal: 1. ctrl + z to stash vim, and

    type fg to bring it back. 2. ctrl + w to delete a word, ctrl + u to delete a whole line, both work in terminal and vim edit mode. 3. ctrl + r to find history commands fuzzily.