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Goldman Sachs Search: a Consistent Search Experience in No Time

Dd9d954997353b37b4c2684f478192d3?s=47 Elastic Co
November 03, 2015

Goldman Sachs Search: a Consistent Search Experience in No Time

Goldman Sachs Search provides a fast and responsive way to search for data with a consistent user experience. One of the main objectives of this product was to minimise programming effort when on-boarding new data sets, which in itself fits with a broader strategy of using industry standard tools to build generic software. In this talk we highlight how Goldman Sachs engineering has used Elasticsearch to achieve this.

Reuben Tonna | Elastic{ON} Tour | London


Elastic Co

November 03, 2015

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  1. 1   Goldman Sachs Engineering   GS.com/Engineering Spring, 2015

  2. 2   Ready,  Steady,  Go   GS  Search,  a  consistent

     search  experience  in  no  1me   Opera1ons  Framework  Core   November  3,  2015  
  3. 3   Reuben Tonna Vice President

  4. 4   The challenge q   Provide  a  consistent  User  Experience

     –  different  data  same  tool   q   (almost)  Zero  UI  development  effort   q   Self  service  on-­‐boarding   q   Maximise  reusability  and  reduce  maintenance  cost   q   Enable  operaLonal  access  to  large  datasets  quickly  –  search  and  filtering   q   Enable  developers  to  focus  on  modelling  data   q   Facilitate  adopLon  of  new  UI  technologies   q   Support  for  various  data  source  technologies  
  5. 5   The architecture So8ware  Load  Balancing   Elas1c  Adapter

      O  Data  Adapter   SQL  Adapter   Business   units   Data  provider   Extensibility     Adaptors   GS  Search  UI   and  Services   Data  Source   Configura1on  
  6. 6   How Elastic benefitted us q  Great  performance  improves

     the  user  experience  (it’s  all  about  the  end-­‐user!)   q  Scales  to  very  large  data  sets   q  AggregaLons  provide  a  way  to  splice  and  dice  the  data   q  Quality  documentaLon  –  lowers  the  entry  barrier  
  7. 7   Learn more at GS.com/Engineering The term ‘engineer’ referenced

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