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WCEU - Glossary and Style Guide for Consistency

WCEU - Glossary and Style Guide for Consistency

The workshop talk during WordCamp Europe 2017

Pascal Casier

June 15, 2017

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  1. GLOSSARY & STYLE GUIDE FOR CONSISTENCY Documents and tools available

    to translate WordPress, plugins and themes to maintain consistency accross projects Pascal CASIER
  2. YEP, THAT’S ME. Polyglots Team Mentor, GTE for fr_BE and

    nl_BE WordPress.tv Moderator bbPress.org Moderator Plugin Author Twitter: @ePascalC WordPress and Slack: @casiepa
  3. None
  4. CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Locale Style Guide Glossary Start Guide Tools

    47.00% 47.50% 48.00% 48.50% 49.00% 49.50% 50.00% Translated WordPress Sites
  5. LOCALE STYLE GUIDE Increase consistency Enhance quality Deter arguments Reduce

    rework Add it to your Rosetta site as a post or page!
  6. LOCALE STYLE GUIDE (2)  Include  Writing tone 

    Punctuation  Formatting  Examples  FR/NL/DE informal language  No literal translation  Quotes “ “ into « » and non-breaking spaces
  7. GLOSSARY A list of words specific to your language

  8. GLOSSARY (2) https://translate.wordpress.org/

  9. GLOSSARY (3)

  10. GLOSSARY (4)

  11. GLOSSARY (5) Note: Locale Glossary vs. Project Glossary

  12. START GUIDE Where to start? Where to find info? Who

    to contact and how? How to translate Add it to your Rosetta site as a post or page!
  13. TOOLS GlotPress (translate.wordpress.org) GlotDict Poedit, Launchpad, Loco, Transifex, Virtaal, Pootle,

  14. Q, A THEN DEMO Questions ?

  15. Polyglots Handbook: https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/ List of Glossaries per locale: https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/tools/glot press-translate-wordpress-org/list-of-glossaries-per-locale/

    Create/Maintain Glossary: https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/tools/glot press-translate-wordpress-org/glossary-style-guide/#using- the-glotpress-glossary GlotPress - translate.w.org: https://translate.wordpress.org/ Naoko's video on locale style guide: http://wordpress.tv/2016/11/14/naoko-takano-build-your- locale-style-guide/ GlotDict Homepage: https://github.com/Mte90/GlotDict