Rapid Prototyping: Rough to Ready

460aa51706c4ad81c8d63ad7c27cdbbd?s=47 Erica Heinz
October 23, 2012

Rapid Prototyping: Rough to Ready

Lean UX is a new standard for web designers. How can you keep up and ahead? Learn the best processes and most helpful tools for rapid prototyping, whether you're in-house, freelance, or running a startup. See examples of paper, vector, bitmap, and html prototypes and learn when each is appropriate. Understand how they fit into an agile development process or a typical waterfall flow. We'll talk about mobile-first strategies, and responsive frameworks, and how they help prototypes. And we'll unpack the team dynamics and collaborative tools that make all this user research and discussion productive. You'll leave with a full list of resources and tips to start rapid prototyping and make your projects better, faster.

Presented at the Future of Web Design conference at New World Stages in New York City, October 23rd 2012.

Full list of resources at http://bit.ly/rapid-prototyping


Erica Heinz

October 23, 2012