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Unlocking the Power of plone.distribution: A Hands-On Guide

Unlocking the Power of plone.distribution: A Hands-On Guide

Unveil the magic of launching a feature-rich, visually stunning website with unparalleled ease—welcome to the world of Plone distributions. This isn't just Plone; it's Plone supercharged with all the essential elements tailored for your unique project. From captivating themes and robust modules to pre-configured settings and sample content, a Plone distribution serves as your comprehensive toolkit for a rapid and flawless website deployment. In this talk, we'll guide you through the nuts and bolts of initiating a new Plone distribution.
You'll learn how to seamlessly integrate dependencies, populate your site with example content, and ensure its robustness through effective testing.

Érico Andrei

October 05, 2023

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  1. Érico Andrei | https://ericof.com | @[email protected] | @ericof |
    Unlocking the Power of
    A Hands-On Guide (Not really)

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  2. Érico Andrei | https://ericof.com | @[email protected] | @ericof |
    Your own Plone CMS
    Or how integrators use 20 years of collective work as the secret
    weapon to control a market / segment / vertical / geographical area

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  3. Welcome to 2014

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  4. The Case for Plone Distributions
    Érico Andrei

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  5. Portal Modelo / Portal Padrão
    Thousands of Plone(?) sites
    Patching the s*t out of Plone, since 200x

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  6. Welcome to 2023

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  7. Major open source CMS support this case
    • Drupal distributions

    • Joomla Templates

    • TYPO3 Distributions
    Not invented here

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  8. Easy, but not that easy
    > 20 years of smart people creating their own solutions
    • The logic to create a new Plone site is distributed

    • Browser view on Products.CMFPlone

    • Content in plone.volto, plone.app.contenttypes (Good luck updating that)

    • Translations in plone.app.locales

    • No clear contract

    • New site from Python Code?

    • No RESTAPI service

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  9. Many examples in our family
    The old case of “replicating the site we developed for…”

    • Quaive

    • Portal Modelo

    • Portal Padrão

    • Portal Brasil

    • Vindula

    • Volto
    • Castle CMS

    • io-Comune

    • PretaGov: UK GDS

    • PretaGov: Digital.NSW

    • IA Solutions (IMIO)

    • Classic UI

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  10. Reality Check?
    Maybe we are not really selling Plone CMS

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  11. define: "Plone Distribution”
    Making sure we are on the same page
    • “A contract to create a new instance of a PloneSite”

    • Conventions about how create initial content

    • Provides a Python API and a RESTAPI

    • Use Cases:

    • Starting point for a new CMS project (website, intranet, headless backend…)

    • Automate creation of a new “instance" of an opinionated Plone “packaging"

    • Basis for a SaaS o
    ering of a “Plone-Powered” backend

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  12. plone.distribution

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  13. Making Plone Integrator-Friendly
    Or, at least, a
    rst step in the right direction
    • Distributions should be
    rst-class citizens in the Plone World

    • Converting plone.volto and plone.app.contenttypes “initial content”

    • Cleaning up existing codebase — “There should be only one way”

    • Plone 6.0.x: Add-on

    • Plone 6.1: Core package

    • Documentation should help integrators bring ideas to life

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  14. Someone, ~2007
    "Plone is a CMS,

    not a web-framework!”

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  15. Érico Andrei, ~2023
    "Plone is a platform,

    not a CMS”

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  16. Marketing Plone, a sane approach
    Focus on market and segment, not on the common denominator
    • Plone Marketing is vector addition

    • Many directions

    • Agreement on the common denominator

    • Plone Marketing initiatives should target integrators

    • Each distribution will “talk" to their own target audience

    • Distributions should collaborate when possible

    • But client is king

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  17. POC of a new distribution
    • "See how easy it is to create a
    ‘restricted access site with

    • Beethoven Sprint

    • New Content Types: None

    • Example Content: Few

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  18. Base for public websites in Brazil
    • Target: > 1500 websites currently
    running Portal Modelo and Portal

    • Kick-o
    during Cerrado Sprint

    • New Content Types: Few

    • Example Content: Lots

    • Blocker: Theming with DSGov
    (Brazilian Government Design

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  19. Demo for Volto Light Theme
    • "We need a showcase for Volto
    Light Theme”

    • New Content Types: None

    • Example Content: Many

    • Allow developers to showcase
    new blocks by updating the
    content, exporting it and

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  20. Personal Site / Blog
    • From idea to site: 6 hours

    • Scratching my own itch: ericof.com

    • Additional Target: Maurits

    • Features:

    • "About me” area

    • Blog

    • SEO-Friendly

    • Social Networking

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  21. pipx cookiecutter gh:collective/cookiecutter-plone-distribution

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  22. Environment Variables
    All you need to know

    • Limit which distributions will be listed during site creation


    • Limit which distributions you could export content to

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  23. Things that should be added to the docs
    But no one did that (yet)
    • A distribution is not a “policy package”

    • You do not need to have a GenericSetup pro

    • You can have complex forms for site creation

    • JSONSchema de

    • Best example is collective.plone.intranet

    • Entry points allow you complete control of site creation

    • pre_handler, handler, post_handler

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  24. Next Steps & Challenges

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  25. Content & Translations
    How to create a front-page in 45 languages?

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  26. Types or not to Types
    Should we add features in a Distribution package?

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  27. Improve content export/import
    It works, but I have questions

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  28. “I have a dream”
    Érico Andrei, 2023

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  29. /ericof @ericof
    @[email protected] @ericof.com

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