Internet of Things m. personlig vinkel

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July 01, 2015

Internet of Things m. personlig vinkel

Foredrag fra Aarhus Appetizer #6



July 01, 2015


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    The Internet of all of the Things Personlige erfaringer og

    overvejelser Aarhus Appetizer 20150701
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    Ciscos trilliarder "Imagine a world in which everything is connected

    and packed with sensors. 50+ billion connected devices, loaded with a dozen or more sensors, will create a trillion-sensor ecosystem. These devices will create what I call a state of perfect knowledge, where we'll be able to know what we want, where we want, when we want." - Padma Warrior, Cisco
  3. 9.

    Økosystempærevælling Apple HomeKit / Apple Carplay / Google Brillo (+

    Weave) / Amazon / Android@home IFTTT / Wolfram Connected Deviced Project (+ Data Drop)
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