Leatlet Time-Dimension, Biel Frontera, SOCIB

Leatlet Time-Dimension, Biel Frontera, SOCIB

Summary: Leaflet.TimeDimension is a free, open-source Leaflet.js plugin that enables visualization of spatial data with a temporal dimension. It can manage different types of layers (WMS, GeoJSON, Overlay) and it can be easily extended. It meet some common needs, enabling web maps using observational and forecasting layers generated by a THREDDS server (via ncWMS), animating trajectories of drifters, gliders, follow a simulated oil spill, and other time dependent mapping applications.

Speaker: Biel Frontera was trained as a mathematician, and has spent most of his career developing software. He is a free software enthusiast and has worked for the last 3 years on data visualization and geospatial software issues for SOCIB, the Baleric Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System.


ESIP Federation

May 12, 2016