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"Apache Open Climate Workbench (OCW)", Lewis McGibbney and Kyo Lee, NASA JPL/Apache OCW

ESIP Federation
September 11, 2016

"Apache Open Climate Workbench (OCW)", Lewis McGibbney and Kyo Lee, NASA JPL/Apache OCW

ESIP Federation

September 11, 2016

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  1. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 1

  2. * *Provide an Overview of the Apache Software Foundation *Talk

    to you about Apache Open Climate Workbench (OCW) *Guide you on how you can get involved *Show you some real world examples of how OCW is being used in Regional Climate Modeling @NASA JPL 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 2
  3. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 3 * *Dr. Lewis John McGibbney

    [email protected] Data Scientist at the NASA JPL in Pasadena, CA. A huge open source advocate and practitioner, Lewis enjoys floating up and down the tide of technologies at the Apache Software Foundation having a real enthusiasm for Web Search and Information Retrieval in particular. *Dr. Huikyo Lee - [email protected]jpl.nasa.gov Currently a Climate Data Scientist at the NASA JPL in Pasadena, California, Huikyo has lead development of Regional Climate Model Evaluation System (http://rcmes.jpl.nasa.gov), an open-source software toolkit based on Open Climate Workbench to facilitate systematic evaluation of climate models using observational datasets from a variety of sources.
  4. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 4 * *The Apache Software Foundation

    *History *Organization *How the Foundation Works *Project Deep Dive – Apache OCW *Website, Wiki, Releases, Features, Documentation, Getting Started and Examples *How to get involved *Real World Use Case – NASA JPL’s Regional Climate Modeling Evaluation System
  5. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 5 *

  6. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 6 * *The mission of the

    Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many like-minded software project communities of individuals who choose to join the ASF. *http://www.apache.org/foundation/
  7. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 7 * *Informal Collaboration (1995) *Apache

    Group *8 people *Sharing code on the abandoned NCSA httpd *Apache web server releases *0.6.2 (first public release) – April 1995 *1.0 release – 1st December 1995
  8. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 8 * *Commercial opportunities *Formal legal

    structure required *Membership based charity *IRS 501(c)3 *Donations by individuals tax-deductible (in the US) *Virtual world-wide organisation *First ApacheCon – March 2000 *Apache 2.0 Alpha 1 released then *First European ApacheCon – October 2000
  9. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 9 * *Hundreds of projects *Small

    libraries *Critical infrastructure *End user tools *Global Participation *Well defined project governance *Formal Mentoring *Accelerating growth
  10. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 10 * *If you want something

    done (codewise) *Volunteer on the appropriate committee *A few paid contractors *Press *Infrastructure *Admin *No paid committers!
  11. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 11 * *Projects = 161 *Incubating

    Projects = 39 *Board / President Committees = 5 *Board Members = 9 *Foundation Members = ~675 *PMC Committee Members = ~2150 *Committers = ~4500 *ICLAS = ~6900
  12. * Apache Open Climate Workbench is an effort to develop

    software that performs climate model evaluation using model outputs from a variety of different sources (the Earth System Grid Federation, the Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment, the U.S. National Climate Assessment and the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program) and temporal/spatial scales with remote sensing data from NASA, NOAA and other agencies. The toolkit includes capabilities for rebinning, metrics computation and visualization. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 12
  13. * Project Website: http://climate.apache.org Project Development: *Programming language: Python *Bug-tracking:

    https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CLIMATE *Mailing list(s): http://climate.apache.org/community/mailing- lists.html *Git repository: https://git-wip- us.apache.org/repos/asf/climate.git *Github Mirror: https://github.com/apache/climate Releases: *1.1.0 (2016-07-27): Apache Open Climate Workbench 1.1.0 *1.0.0 (2015-09-03): Apache Open Climate Workbench 1.0 *0.5 (2015-01-14): Apache Open Climate Workbench 0.5 Download: http://climate.apache.org/downloads.html 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 13
  14. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 14 *

  15. 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 15 * *Any constructive contribution earns

    merit *Permissively licensed only *Not just code *Evangelism *Bug reports and triage *Testing *Documentation *Design feedback *User support *Etc
  16. * The primary user community for Apache OCW is currently

    those that in turn use NASA JPL’s Regional Climate Modeling and Evaluation System (RCMES). RCMES provides us with several tutorials and examples which demonstrate what OCW can be used for. Please follow the links below for access to these tutorials https://rcmes.jpl.nasa.gov/content/tutorials-overview 9/8/16 ESIP Tech Dive 16