Offline First (Web) Apps - Beuth-Hochschule Berlin 2016

Offline First (Web) Apps - Beuth-Hochschule Berlin 2016

A couple of years ago, mobile devices became A Thing™, and it took us all a couple more years to realise what the design implications were. From this, we got responsive webdesign. It took a whole lot longer to grasp the structural implications: all of our (web)apps and sites have been potentially distributed systems for quite a while now, running on devices with varying degrees of connectivity.

However, we've mostly been building them with a pre-2007 desktop understanding of the internet. This has led to widespread frustration, a lot of wasted time, and many stupid error messages. This is a talk both about how that happened and why it's time to change. About what it actually means to design, structure and build an offline-first app. About the benefits, opportunities and challenges of the approach, and how it can make your apps faster, more fun, and more robust.


Alex Feyerke

April 13, 2016