Offline First (Web) Apps - Fronteers 2014

Offline First (Web) Apps - Fronteers 2014

Let's assume for a minute that the technical side of building offline-capable (web) apps was really, really simple. Because it's getting easier every day, and it's obviously desirable: you’d rather have a robust, reliable app instead of one that turns into a wonky disappointment when it's disconnected for a moment. Once we take that as a given, we can think about what building apps Offline First means in terms of interfaces, in terms of your application's structure, and in terms of the experiences your users could have with it. What are the benefits, opportunities and challenges of Offline First development? A talk about patterns for offline UX, thinking differently about user data, confident wording, pre-empting people's needs, notions of the future and ordering things in lists.


Alex Feyerke

October 09, 2014