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EthOS for Mobile UX Ethnography & UX Diaries

EthOS for Mobile UX Ethnography & UX Diaries

EthOS is a Human Insights platform that helps companies capture and analyze experiences from the people most important to their business. EthOS gives companies a lens into the everyday lives of their customers, consumers, and employees.



May 08, 2022

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  1. Mobile Ethnography: Discover problems early, unearth new opportunities, and gain

    a deeper understanding of your users Learn more: https://www.EthOSapp.com 1
  2. About EthOS 2 Ethnographic Observation System “Fundamentally, ethnography is about

    making the ordinary extraordinary and seeing things hidden in plain sight” EthOS was developed by Ethnographer Siamack Salari to help companies make more empathetic business decisions by giving them a lens into the everyday lives of their customers, consumers, and users. Today, EthOS is a robust qualitative platform that facilitates discovery and exploratory research through digital ethnography, mobile diary studies, and chat-based interviews. Empathy Through Ethnography, Diary Studies, & Chat-Based Interviews - Siamack Salari (Founder)
  3. 3 Use EthOS to Discover & Explore Diary Studies Digital

    Ethnography Chat-based interviews and focus groups Discover • Illuminate the unknowns • Find hidden problems with products and services that arise in real-world use cases • Unearth new business opportunities • Learn what users need • Observe behaviors, routines, and motivations Explore • Understand the context to identify the full scope of problems • Develop a deeper understanding of your users and develop personas and journey maps • Put project design into context • Validate/invalidate your business assumptions • Find patterns and commonalities Methods Outcomes
  4. 4 Conduct Ongoing Listening & Generative Research Companies that don’t

    listen and conduct ongoing generative research are stuck in survival mode as they can only be reactive. • Keep a pulse on the ever-changing needs of your customers. • Identify customer frustrations early, before they become widespread problems. • Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs through a longitudinal view of their behaviors, routines, and decisions.
  5. 5 The EthOS Platform

  6. 6 The Apps + Insight Dashboard = The Apps Used

    by participants to complete tasks as they go about their day. The Dashboard Used by researchers to assign tasks, analyze entries, and probe participants for deeper understanding.
  7. Collect Contextually Rich Data 7 • Gather high-quality video, picture,

    and audio data from users as they go about their day. • Gain a rich understanding of who your customers are and what they need by capturing authentic moments from real- world situations.
  8. See the World Through the Eyes of Your Customers 8

    • Observe routines to identify problems and opportunities by seeing how customers interact with your products in their everyday lives. • Ask follow-up questions to further your understanding.
  9. The Insight Dashboard 9 • All entries submitted by participants

    are neatly organized on the Insight Dashboard where you can review, filter, and code submissions. • Use the smart search to find entries that mention specific keywords in videos, descriptions, open text responses, and probing conversations. • Save filters as workspaces to organize entries into themes.
  10. Expanded Entries 10 • You can click on entries in

    the dashboard to expand them and conduct further analysis. • All video and audio entries are automatically transcribed.
  11. Sentiment & Tone Analysis 11 • AI-powered by IBM’s Watson

    allows you to capture intimate, in-the-emotion moments, and analyze them with automated sentiment and tone analysis.
  12. Sentiment Analysis Report 12 • An out-of-the-box sentiment analysis report

    facilitates quick reads. • Easily see what people like and don’t like, then dive into areas of interest by asking follow-up probing questions.
  13. Trending Report 13 • A trending report helps you uncover

    themes by tracking keywords used by participants throughout a study. • Click on keywords to show all the entries related to them.
  14. Quantitative Reports 14 • Assign single choice, multiple-choice, and scale

    type questions and view aggregate data in an out-of-the- box report. • Data can be exported to CSV for additional analysis in platforms such as SPSS.
  15. How it Works 15 Import participants from your customer list

    or have us find participants for you. Design an interactive project for your participants in a matter of minutes with our easy-to-use task builder and phone simulators. Participants download the EthOS App and complete the tasks you assign them. Have live conversations with participants to probe further or create individual follow-up tasks to gather deeper insight. Easily organize and analyze participant entries on our intuitive dashboard with automated coding, advanced filtering, and on-the-fly transcriptions, sentiment, and tone analysis. Recruit Field Analyze Build a Project Moderate
  16. 16 Be Agile & Take Control EthOS is a true

    DIY platform that allows you to have more control over your research. Setup a project in minutes • Started by Jamin Brazil, the founder of Decipher Recruit and launch in a matter of days • Reduces recruiting time by 80% • Proprietary consumer and B2B panel • DIY screener builder • Video auditions • Incentive Management • Upload into EthOS
  17. 17 Diary Studies Shop-Alongs Shelf Tests Package Tests Digital Ethnographies

    Concept Tests Usability Tests Co-Creation/ Ideation IHUTS Journey Maps Projects You Can Run With EthOS
  18. 18 Why Use EthOS for Research? It’s a powerful generative

    and exploratory research platform that helps companies: • Identify problems early • Unearth new business opportunities • Develop a deeper understanding of customers and their needs • Make more empathetic business decisions that lead to products and experiences customers love https://ethosapp.com/ux-research
  19. Pricing & Service Options 19 Per Project (DIY) EthOS was

    designed to be a DIY platform. In this model, you pay per project and manage everything yourself. Helping Hands You'll be assigned a project manager that will be available to assist with setting up the project, tasks, and implementing best practices. Full Service If you don't have the time, resources, or in-house expertise to manage a project yourself, the EthOS research team can take over. We'll handle the entire project from design straight through to reporting. Yearly License (DIY) A yearly license gives you access to the EthOS platform for a year so you can conduct ongoing generative and exploratory research. https://ethosapp.com/pricing
  20. 20 Put Users at the Core of Your Company Strategy

    Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions Phone: (346) 831-3167 Email: anne.collins@EthosApp.com United States 680 Main St. Suite 536 Stamford, CT 06901 Europe Rue du Cerf 231 1332 Rixensart, Belgium