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EXTENT-2019: Cloud Technology

September 17, 2019

EXTENT-2019: Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology
Ann Neidenbach
Chief Information Officer, Shared Services, LSEG

17 September 2019, London

What benefits does cloud bring to the infrastructure? Why is cloud key to leveraging automation? At what stage are industry participants and regulators with acceptance and implementation cloud technology?

Watch this video to find out: https://youtu.be/aT8isl-KxqQ

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September 17, 2019

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  1. Cloud Technology: EXTENT
    Ann Neidenbach
    17th September 2019
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  2. What used to take months can now take weeks or hours
    The shift to Cloud
    Digitally transforming enterprises (63%) is the leading factor driving
    greater public cloud adoption followed by the pursuit of IT agility
    (62%) ~ Source : Forbes
    90% of companies are on the cloud with the average business running
    38% of its workloads in public cloud ~ Source : Hostingtribunal
    What used to be fixed based pricing, done well becomes consumption
    based pricing
    Cloud Technologies have matured to the point they can meet the high
    expectations of regulators and financial institutions ~ Source: Bank of
    England report on future of finance

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  3. Cloud benefits
    TIME TO MARKET: Increasing speed of delivery/agility improving time
    to market for the businesses assisting on revenue production and
    margin improvement.
    QUALITY: Providing access to rich computing capabilities to enable
    development, testing and change, whilst improving quality and
    CAPABILITY: Providing access to vast R&D capabilities
    EFFICIENCY: Increased efficiency/cost savings by reducing
    maintenance overhead, taking advantage of significant scale,
    improved automation, and better reliability.
    EFFECTIVENESS: Enabling technology resource to shift focus from IT-
    intensive systems and service management to business
    process/platform management, business interfacing and customer

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  4. The LSEG Cloud Program
    Cloud Service Provider (“CSP”) selection
    Migration planning (6Rs assessment)
    Foundational Tooling
    Cloud adoption is an LSEG board supported
    strategy with a target of 60% of service delivery
    and corporate computing operating in the public
    Cloud Service Provider (“CSP”) selection: LSEG is implementing a multi-
    CSP strategy and has selected 3 providers
    Workload prioritisation: Following an independent assessment of LSEG
    systems and applications, a business level review and prioritisation will
    take place. This will drive the migration schedule for 2019 and 2020.
    Minimum entry criteria enforced through the use of a foundational
    toolset intended to:
    • optimise TCO
    • adherence to security standards;
    • confirm compliance
    • A number of strategic tools have been selected for deployment:
    ▪ Cloud Health
    ▪ Datadog
    ▪ Dome9

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  5. Governance, regulatory and compliance
    Contracts negotiated with CSPs have been benchmarked against the
    relevant regulatory obligations and guidance; standardisation of
    terms on this basis allows LSEG to be agnostic from a contractual
    standpoint when determining where to place workloads.
    Both the FCA and EBA have published guidelines for outsourcing to
    the cloud, these are being mapped to LSEG policies and traceability
    will ultimately be provided to the operating model.
    Legal, Risk
    Delivery and

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  6. Institutionalising Dev/Ops mentality
    An automation driven operating model; an
    approach prioritising automation when moving to
    cloud and Infra as code to enable a DevOps
    • A new operating model is being developed to
    support the pilot deployments on AWS.
    • A new testing strategy has been developed to
    validate key metrics as part of the migration;
    including performance, resiliency and

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  7. Cloud reality
    Governance &
    Technical Operational
    • Innovation possibility and lower barrier
    of entry
    • Improved Agility
    • Increased Capacity
    • Consumption based charging
    • Enriched User Satisfaction
    • SW Licensing
    • Security framework changes
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Legal and procurement governance
    • Data Sovereignty
    • CSP Vendor Agreements
    • Architecture
    • Resilience and Disaster recovery
    • Technology Stack
    • Performance/Scale
    • Dependencies
    • Data Size/Velocity
    • Institutionalize DevOps mentality
    • Higher levels of Monitoring & Logging
    • Continuous development on guardrails
    • Change Management
    • People/Skills
    • Service Levels framework changes

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