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EXTENT-2019: Opening Keynote

September 17, 2019

EXTENT-2019: Opening Keynote

Opening Keynote

Robert Palatnick
Managing Director and Chief Technology Architect, DTCC
Chairman of the Governing Board, Hyperledger

EXTENT Conference 2019
17 September 2019, London

Can Financial Markets Infrastructures Innovate?
Robert Palatnick, Managing Director & Chief Technology Architect, DTCC - The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and Chairman of the Governing Board, Hyperledger giving a keynote talk at EXTENT-2019.

Watch this video to follow the innovation journey of DTCC, from legacy systems to spearheading the next generation of market infrastructure and capability:

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September 17, 2019

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  1. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) Can Financial Markets Infrastructure

    INNOVATE? Robert Palatnick Chief Technology Architect DTCC
  2. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) Hypothesis: • H 0

    : Financial Industry infrastructures cannot innovate
  3. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) Consolidation Automated Scale Functionality

    Cost Client Experience Competitive Differentiation Cyber Threats IT Strategy Business Drivers Secure Service Oriented Resilient Fast Time to Market Revenue External Disintermediation Regulations Changing Demographics Being replaced by an “app” What drives innovation?
  4. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) 1. Do no harm

    Innovation must align with mission DTCC Mission Statement: To deliver the world's most resilient, secure, and efficient post-trade infrastructure for our clients
  5. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) 2. Organize with Purpose

    Design an innovation program • Define goals • Define business drivers and/or targets • Define process (lightweight!) • Define success criteria and metrics
  6. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) 3. Create a culture

    of innovation Embed innovation into the daily life and fabric • Hackathons (trying and failing is ok) • Gamification • Innovation Days • Embrace open source • Socialize
  7. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) 4. Expand the toolbox

    Add diversity to the perspective, skills and tools • Cloud • Lowdev – sandbox for developers • AI/ML • DLT • Girls who Code • Embrace open source
  8. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) 5. Align motivations Adjust

    incentives, remove corporate blockers • Provide dedicated funding and resources • Prioritize innovation goals • Celebrate success • Where appropriate, fail fast is success • Either fix, or skip, IT Allocation penalties
  9. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) 6. Quality still matters

    Engage control functions in the early stages • Innovation does not lower requirements • Security and Automation are prerequisites • Enhance resiliency with Cloud architectures and Chaos testing • Our client is the industry and its regulators
  10. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) 7. Rinse, Repeat Run

    innovation as a real program • Manage innovation program • Establish and keep milestone dates for review • Re-align to business and technology strategies • Innovation takes perseverance
  11. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) Innovation@DTCC: Enterprise Test Engineering:

    • Full Stack Automation • API Testing built into DevSecOps Delivery Pipeline • Build Infrastructure validation into pipeline as quality gate • Leverage AI & ML for test effectiveness and efficiency • Test Data Management • Collaboration tools, Chat Bot to knowledgebase API
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  13. DTCC Public (White) DTCC External (White) Revised Hypothesis: • H

    A : Financial Industry infrastructures cannot innovate are ing