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Speaking about Speaking

Speaking about Speaking

Remember to remember :)


Julio Faerman

June 14, 2021


  1. Speaking about Speaking...

  2. None
  3. Be Authentic Fake it won't make it

  4. You can! Regardless of whatever

  5. Prepare Practice makes awesome

  6. Start with why https://startwithwhy.com

  7. Remember to remember http://www.ted.com/talks/joshua_foer_feats_of_memory_anyone_can_do#t-508650

  8. Thread disparate content with sequence, connections and context. Create a

  9. "Writing is nature's way of letting you know how sloppy

    your thinking is" - Guidon Cartoon
  10. Have plans B,C,D,...

  11. If you'll make them read... - Use large fonts -

    Be concise - Keep CLI prompt at the top - Use high contrast color schemes - Prefer high resolution images - Make no more than one point per slide
  12. Demos, videos, whiteboarding, labs… anything is more interesting than slides.

    Use multiple medias
  13. Everybody loves cases, deeper explanations, tips, tricks & hacks. Add

    your experience
  14. Align and review content, consider multiple submissions. Talk to the

    Program Committee
  15. - Name - E-mail - Wi-fi password - Break times

    - Social media aliases Keep on the board
  16. Soundcheck ✓ Projector ✓ Network ✓ Venue ✓ Devices

  17. Get excited! They only will if you do

  18. Don't let ANYONE bored!

  19. Easier said than done...

  20. httpaedia.tumblr.com/2a8905fan 9ca06e7dff8e7b5f36c6faafd/tum blr_mp9v95RXHA1soq4w2o1_40 0.jpg

  21. Agenda, housekeeping, and even introductions can wait or be "lazy

    loaded"... Start and end with cool stuff
  22. httpaedia.tumblr.com/2a8905fan 9ca06e7dff8e7b5f36c6faafd/tum blr_mp9v95RXHA1soq4w2o1_40 0.jpg

  23. It is a great call to attention, specially if directly

    and by name. Ask questions https://youtu.be/m2GI0huaV5s
  24. Standing by the side of the less interested may be

    a good call to attention Move around
  25. Make big gestures, change voice tone and volume It is

    unnatural and weird, so everyone pays attention to it.
  26. Lights are part of the show Switching the lights switches

    the focus
  27. Be very careful with humor Don't be offensive, make the

    joke about yourself
  28. Review last day, get and set expectations, write timing and

    facility information. Checkpoint and Recap
  29. Remind the main points on a secondary display Speaker notes

    are yours!
  30. Draw the story clearly and legibly Whiteboard for posterity!

  31. - Listen thoroughly and don't interrupt - Answer straight first,

    explain caveats afterwards - "I don't know" can be the best answer - Only compliment really "good questions" - Do not guess, defer and follow up instead - Track deferred questions on the board - Try different angles or examples if not understood - Ask back to verify understanding - Swag can buy (possibly bad) questions - Predict questions asking yourself "five whys" Questions are great content!
  32. Don't corner yourself by guessing. Commit to follow-up and get

    help about how to deliver the subject. Avoid guessing
  33. Start with questions and work backwards. Consider a question driven

    talk or section
  34. - Postpone the subject - Ask to follow back offline

    - Discern opinions from facts - Politely refuse to comment - Anticipate a break Don't allow spoilers and vandals
  35. Make them try! Encourage and support their demos and labs

  36. - Mind the time - Facilitate networking Make coffee breaks

  37. - Names on Chrome favorites bar - “Momentum” Chrome extension

    - Desktop background picture - Close your personal tabs, Outlook and reminders - Rotate exposed credentials ASAP - Social engineering awareness - Be careful when showing your filenames Demo time
  38. Mark the middle or thirds slides for easy time keeping

    Manage time carefully and explicitly
  39. paint it black for maximum attention to you.

  40. Eye contact is important! Just don't be creepy

  41. Review and learn Share and improve from experience

  42. Record and review to kick off bad habits: - Recognize

    and avoid vocal "helpers" - Talking to board - Talking too loud or low - Being too salesy - Vendor bashing or glorification - Playing with markers Watch people watching you
  43. Send complementary references, whitepapers, books, articles, documentation and case studies.

    Recommend Resources
  44. Alternate support foot, walk, sit, drink lots of water, sleep

    and eat well. Take care of yourself
  45. Impostor Syndrome Nevermind the Bollocks

  46. Failures Everybody Hurts

  47. References Standing in the shoulders

  48. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are https://youtu.be/RWZluriQUzE

  49. TED's secret to great public speaking https://youtu.be/-FOCpMAww28

  50. TED: The Power is In The Palm of Your Hands

  51. Melissa Marshall: Talk nerdy to me http://www.ted.com/talks/melissa_marshall_talk_nerdy_to_me

  52. Leslie Lamport: Thinking Above the Code http://youtu.be/-4Yp3j_jk8Q

  53. Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice https://youtu.be/VO6XEQIsCoM

  54. None
  55. None
  56. None
  57. None
  58. And the countless contributors to this presentation Thank You!

  59. Thank you! Contributions welcome :) http://bit.ly/speakspeak @faermanj @cloudlopes