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English Accelerator with Tom Horner

English Accelerator with Tom Horner

Mentorship session with Tom

Julio Faerman

March 15, 2023

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  1. I’m a Teacher- Entrepreneur and

    English Communications Coach.
    Over 18 months experience teaching

    Business English to Software

    Hi, I’m Tom.
    About Me

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  2. If you have questions or want to connect after the


    DM me on Twitter @TomHorner19 or email

    [email protected]

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  3. Stay tuned!
    There’s a special offer if you stay

    until the end!

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  4. This webinar is for you if:
    1. You sometimes feel embarrassed because your colleagues find

    it difficult to understand you when you speak in English.
    You feel nervous or anxious when you have to speak

    English in your meetings and job interviews.
    You feel like you can’t quite express yourself in the same way

    that you would in your native language.

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  5. Imagine if..
    1. you could understand and use business English buzzwords,

    expressions & phrases to better express yourself.
    you could feel confident when participating in meetings and

    interviews in English.
    you could express yourself in English, exactly the way you

    wanted, so you could connect with people instantly.

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  6. Before we dive in, I want to share

    my story with you quickly so you

    know how I got here and learned

    everything I'm about to share!

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  7. Now, I'm excited to share these exact

    proven strategies with you too!

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  8. Imagine that feeling...
    of being confident when participating in

    your English job interview.
    gaining a promotion or securing your

    dream job at an International company!
    of being successful and being able to

    better support your family.

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  9. The good news is that I've designed a programme that not only helps with

    advancing your English, but also helps you position yourself to an external

    The idea of the programme is to give you transferable skills that you can

    use in a variety of business situations such as networking, leadership and

    job interviews.
    How can I help you?

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  10. This is not just an English programme, it's something that can help you

    develop and strengthen your communication skills!
    I've seen direct improvement in the Software Engineers I've worked with.

    Many have been able to improve their job performance, gain promotions,

    or work for International companies.
    How can I help you?

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  11. It's time to take control of your

    English communication skills and

    achieve new career opportunities,

    without feeling stressed or


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  12. By the end of programme, you're

    gain tips, learn to express yourself

    and be able to POSITION yourself

    far more effectively.

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  13. Introducing:
    The English Accelerator Programme is an 8-week online course

    specifically designed for Software Engineers who want to improve their

    English communication skills and accelerate their career!

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  14. 8 modules including: Communicating With

    Confidence, Expanding Vocabulary, Small

    Talk & Networking, Expressing Your Opinion,

    Communicating Fluently in Meetings,

    Delivering An Engaging Presentation &

    Interview Preparation.
    What you'll get:
    Weekly Q&A's and Facebook group for

    Lifetime access to the course including any


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  15. What you
    will get
    out of this

    You'll be able to understand and use English

    vocabulary and phrases to better express

    You'll feel confident when participating in

    meetings and interviews in English.
    You’ll be able to position yourself effectively

    to secure new career opportunities.

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  16. In this module you'll start to BUILD

    confidence and learn why your

    MINDSET is so crucial!

    Module 1: Communicating With Confidence

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  17. Understand how to use Business

    English vocabulary (idioms, phrasal

    verbs and buzzwords), to better

    EXPRESS yourself.
    Module 2: Expanding Business Vocabulary

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  18. Discover how to make small talk in

    English, so you feel confident and ready

    to GROW your network!
    Module 3: Small Talk and Networking

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  19. Learn how to express your opinion with

    EMPATHY using a proven and highly

    effective method.
    Module 4: How to Express Your Opinion

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  20. We'll practice communicating in KEY

    business situations, so you can feel

    CONFIDENT in your English!
    Module 5: Communicating Fluently

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  21. You'll be able to impress your audience


    presentations in English!
    Module 6: Delivering an Engaging Presentation

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  22. We'll deep dive into the types of SKILLS

    you need to become a future LEADER

    in Software Engineering.

    Module 7: Leadership in Software Engineering

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  23. You'll learn the best TIPS and TRICKS

    when interviewing, so you can stand

    out ahead of the competition.

    Module 8: Preparing for Your English Job Interview

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  24. Plus a Bonus!
    1-1 Career Coaching Session!
    I'll help you craft your LinkedIn profile

    so you stand out to International

    recruiters & companies.
    Together, we'll clarify your career

    goals and how you can achieve


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  25. This is not just an English language

    course - you'll learn so much about

    leadership, negotiation and team-

    work too!
    What's the investment?

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  26. Join today!
    Regular Price:
    Today's Price:

    Or 2 monthly payments of $123!

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  27. PLUS!
    If you join the next 24 hours, you'll

    receive a free conversation class with

    me! Just make sure to send me a quick

    email once you've joined to get this


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  28. Join us now!

    Go to:

    accelerator-programme or click the button

    below this video!

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  29. Join us now!
    bonus expires

    Click the button

    below this video!
    8 Modules!
    Practice tasks and

    Facebook community!
    Weekly Q&A's!
    The program


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