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Mobile Development with Zend Framework 1

Mobile Development with Zend Framework 1


Shaun Farrell

February 01, 2011

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  1. Mobile Web With Zend Framework Shaun Farrell Friday, February 1,

  2. What’s Covered? • Mobile vs. Native • Pie Chart •

    Some Random Shit • Development with Zend Framework Friday, February 1, 13
  3. The Mobile Web Definition: The Mobile Web refers to using

    a mobile phone handset device incorporating a web browser to access the webs. Basically, the freaking intra webs on your phone! Friday, February 1, 13
  4. Native vs. Web Friday, February 1, 13

  5. Mobile vs Native (continued) Mobile Native Openness Free Sometimes Cost

    $0 $0 to $99 Revenue 100% Depends Releases Instant 1-2 Wks Approval None Depends Coding Anything Depends Friday, February 1, 13
  6. Why go Native? • Performance • Offline Mode • Findability

    - App Stores • Monetization • Designed for THAT device • Game Development Friday, February 1, 13
  7. Why Go Web? • Develop in your Language • Development

    Process Quicker (sometimes) • You can do more with HTML5 • Develop Once! • No Approval Process - Do whatever the hell you want to do! Friday, February 1, 13
  8. Pie Chart 32% 33% 35% Web Downloaded Other Reston-based comScore

    tracks mobile usage. In September (2010), 35 percent of mobile phone subscribers used a Web browser. A slightly smaller portion, 33 percent, used downloaded apps. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/11/19/AR2010111906267.html Friday, February 1, 13
  9. Random Shit (Quotes Actually) http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/11/19/AR2010111906267.html "Native apps have been the

    buzz for the past few years and will continue to be a big focus area for developers and companies, however, mobile Web will be the predominate way most people consume mobile content" Pete Erickson, the director of innovation at Disruptathon Friday, February 1, 13
  10. Random Shit (Quotes Actually) One of many announcements made at

    Google's I/O developer conference (2009) was about a still-forthcoming development in the Android mobile operating system: browser apps will be given access to local hardware capabilities. http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_impact_of_googles_exposure_of_hardware_to_mobile_web_apps.php Friday, February 1, 13
  11. Random Shit (Quotes Actually) As mobile browsers mature the need

    for mobile apps will decrease for a lot of cases. There will always be a need if your business is selling the app itself, but I would think a lot of the free native apps will just move to being mobile web apps. The mobile web will become more and more relevant as more and more platforms come online. Nicholas Tolson - Facebook DC Tech Group Brian Williams - Facebook DC Tech Group Friday, February 1, 13
  12. Zend Framework • WURFL • Zend Framework • Zend_Http_UserAgent •

    Context Switching • MVC Friday, February 1, 13
  13. WURFL What is it? XML configuration file which contains information

    about capabilities and features of many mobile devices. Where? www.wurfl.com It has an API! Friday, February 1, 13
  14. Context Switching In Zend Framework: The ContextSwitch action helper is

    intended for facilitating returning different response formats on request. Mostly used with WebServices to switch fromats (json vs xml) Custom Contexts - Specify suffix, headers, and callbacks Works with Views Friday, February 1, 13
  15. Zend_Http_UserAgent • New in Zend Framework 1.11 • Helps identify

    the user’s user agent • This is how you detect a Mobile Device! • Works hand in hand with WURFL Friday, February 1, 13
  16. Cool Features (Zend_Http_UserAgent) • getDevice() • getBrowserType() • getAllFeatures() •

    hasFlashSupport() • hasPdfSupport() • hasPhoneNumber() • httpsSupport() Friday, February 1, 13
  17. Example Code Friday, February 1, 13

  18. Front Controller Plugin Friday, February 1, 13

  19. Front Controller Plugin (continued) Friday, February 1, 13

  20. My Controller View Folder Friday, February 1, 13

  21. Contact • E-Mail: farrelley@gmail.com • www.kapustabrothers.com • www.farleyhills.com Friday, February

    1, 13