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Break Glass in Case of Emergency

June 13, 2017

Break Glass in Case of Emergency

A lighting talk about handling network failures using the circuit breaker pattern given at Fog City Ruby on June 13th, 2017


June 13, 2017

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  3. Fault

  4. Fault Tolerance

  5. Timeouts

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  7. Handling Network Failure

  8. Short Timeout with Fallback Behavior

  9. Client-side Retry

  10. Half-open

  11. Long-lasting Transient Faults

  12. Resources --- Patterns: http://l.faun.me/retry-pattern http://l.faun.me/netflix-api-resilience Libraries: wsargent/circuit_breaker allcentury/switch_gear soundcloud/simple_circuit_breaker Tools:

    Shopify/Semian Shopify/Toxiproxy Load balancers: Vulcand Hystrix @faunzy @faun