The Annoying Site aka "Power of the Web Platform" V2

The Annoying Site aka "Power of the Web Platform" V2


Updated version of this talk, presented at JSConf US 2018 ( in Carlsbad, California.

It's 2018. The web platform offers dozens of powerful, native-like APIs. What if we used this newfound power for evil? What kind of terrible UX could we create if our goal was to build the worst web page in the world?

This talk will be an adventure deep into little-known parts of the web platform. We'll explore archaic Netscape Navigator APIs and powerful standards-based APIs and use them to build a website with powers you'd never believe possible on the Web today.


There were many links referenced in the talk, here they all are in a single list:

- WebTorrent (
- WebTorrent Desktop (
- Standard JS (
- BitMidi (

- MDN Docs (
- window.moveTo() MDN Docs (

- The Annoying Site (

- Feross's Patreon Page – get rewards! (
- Feross's blog (


Feross Aboukhadijeh

August 21, 2018