The Future You! - EDA Eventbrite Argentina - Jorge Ferreiro

The Future You! - EDA Eventbrite Argentina - Jorge Ferreiro

Talk for my Argentina folks working for Eventbrite in Mendoza. They are school graduates and other smart people who are starting to build a successful career in tech.

• How to grow in technology?
• How to do effective Code Reviews?
• How to ask for feedback?
• How to take ownership and being proactive?
• What is a product Engineer?
• How to reinvent yourself?
• Frontend, Backend or FullStack?

We also covered many more topics like Hackathon, Tech Events, Open Source, The social Developer, and many more ideas they can bring to Eventbrite and their own lifes.

Any questions? Reach out to me on Twitter (@jgferreiro) or in my website:

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Jorge Ferreiro

November 21, 2019