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Orchestrating The Stellar Journey

Orchestrating The Stellar Journey

A Motivation Webinar, held by Kornita IPB Senior High School Bogor. I spoke about the journey of how did I made my own "stellar" journey, despite of being positioned in an underdog environment.

Fiqry Revadiansyah

August 20, 2021

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  1. Orchestrating The Stellar Journey A ceaseless journey to the endless

    universe Monday, 26th of July 2021
  2. Greetings! Please call me Fiqry, no additional prefix/suffix on it.

    SMA Kornita Alumnus Batch 25! I currently working as a Data Science Analyst @Accenture Indonesia, previously worked as a RnD Data Science Mgr @Purwadhika, and a Data Scientist @Bukalapak Passionate on Data Analytics, Immersive Computing, Human-Centered Technologies, and e-Sport (of course!)
  3. Where will we travel today? Grit How to envision our

    life in a long run Box Theorem A complex paradox, receipt of success Staying Alive A single-short story about someone else journey 01 02 03
  4. —LAO TZU “A journey of a thousand miles begins with

    a single step”
  5. None
  6. Have you decide your Stellar Journey? What is your realistic

    end-goals as a human?
  7. menti.com 52 440 060

  8. GRIT How to envision our life in a long run

  9. —DANIEL GOLEMAN (2001) “Intellectual intelligence only determines 20% of success,

    while the other 80% from emotional intelligence.”
  10. Age of Disruption: Technology will replace Human

  11. WEF Future Job Survey 2020

  12. Artificial Intelligence and Automation sometimes smarter & Uncontrolled

  13. LIFE IS A GAME! Player is more than one (1)/

    multiplayer Player Limited source available Resource Limited time event appears at all sudden Event
  14. Finite vs Infinite Game

  15. Amazon vs eBay

  16. Amazon vs eBay

  17. How to Nurture Grit PASSION (Reason: Why) PRACTICE (Effort: What)

    PERSONALIZE (Love: How) 01 02 03
  18. Passion: Are you already satisfied of what you have right

  19. Passion: Are you already satisfied of what you have right

  20. Passion: What is your biggest WHY?

  21. Practice: Achievement Formula Effort comes twice

  22. Personalize: Understanding Love Love knows no reason No matter how

    busy you are, how tired your body is, how painful your feelings are, you will always make time for what you love.
  23. Personalize: Understanding Love

  24. Box Theorem A complex paradox, receipt of success 02

  25. The Schrödinger's Cat Experiment “Physical objects do not exist independently

    of the mind that perceives them. An item truly exists only as long as it is observed; otherwise, it is not only meaningless but simply nonexistent.” - George Berkeley
  26. Dimension of Success Believer Social Engineering Miracle/Bless Vertically Horizontally Deeply

    What you can control “You reap what you sow” What you can’t control “Absolutely Untouchable/ At all sudden” What probably you can manage “Either you get positive/negative earning from what you done” 1D: Speed to Success 2D: Grade of Success 3D: Impact of Success Box Theorem: A Success Diagram
  27. Box Theorem Implementation Encapsulate the Goodness Legacy 01 Audit your

    Vision 02 Opportunistic Behavior 03 01 02 03
  28. None
  29. Opportunistic Behavior: Try Once!

  30. Opportunistic Behavior: Don’t Make Excuses!

  31. Audit Your Vision: Think Others! Gritty people seek for personal

    interest, in parallel, they also think about others Purpose - “What I do matters to society” Pleasure - “For me, the good life is the pleasurable life”
  32. Encapsulate the Goodness Legacy: Believe in Miracles "Perhaps, while you

    are fast asleep, the doors of heaven are being knocked by dozens of prayers of kindness for you, from a poor person whom you have helped, or from a hungry person whom you have fed, or from a sad person whom you have made happy, or from someone who passes by you who you give a smile to, or from someone who is afflicted with difficulties and you stretch. So, do not ever underestimate a goodness" (Ibnul Qayyim Al Auziyyah in the book Mifah Daaris Sa'aadah)
  33. Staying Alive A single-short story about someone else journey 03

  34. What SMA Kornita taught me about how to live my

    life at the fullest Fighting Spirit Fighting Spirit and always be grateful Seize all Opportunities Be an opportunist Place to Stand out A chance to shine my own star luminosity
  35. Fighting Spirit: a Realization of GRIT Senior High School

  36. Place to Stand out: A Chance to Shine My Own

    Star University Life
  37. Seize all Opportunities: Be an Opportunist During Work

  38. —SOMEONE FAMOUS “From the creation of the first human to

    the last human being, you are the best and luckiest person who is destined to be in this position. Try to live your life to the fullest.”
  39. Lets make our own commitment! Thumbs Up = Appreciation Index

    Finger = Courage Middle finger = Responsibility Ring finger = Commitment Little Finger = Trust
  40. menti.com 52 440 060

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