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How Loom redesigned its user onboarding

How Loom redesigned its user onboarding

The Loom onboarding flow helps personalize the user experience—and makes you install the app for better adoption.

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Florent Merian

March 11, 2021

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  1. How Loom redesigned its FTUX

  2. Step 2 What's your name? Step 1 Sign up. Step

    3 Verify your email. @fmerian It starts with three steps to sign up. First things first
  3. Step 4 What you'll use Loom for. Step 5 What

    describes you. @fmerian Then, two more steps to learn more about you and how you'll use the product.
  4. Step 5 Who you share videos with. Step 4 What

    you'll use Loom for. Step 5 What describes you. @fmerian In this process, the Loom team removed an extra step to keep the flow straightforward.
  5. Step 6. Create a Workspace. @fmerian Now, let's start setting

    up the account.
  6. @fmerian The Loom team slighty edited the copy. Step 6.

    Create a workspace. BEFORE OPTIMIZED
  7. Step 7. Invite your team. The Loom team added this

    extra step to let you invite your team. @fmerian
  8. @fmerian The Loom team also removed the Skip button. Now,

    you HAVE to download an app. BEFORE OPTIMIZED Step 8. Pick out your shiny, new recorder to start with.
  9. Step 8b. Installing Loom. @fmerian This loading screen is a

    nice labor illusion. Users value results more when obtained after a delay.
  10. @fmerian Step 9. Personal Library. BEFORE AFTER You don't start

    from a blank page anymore. Instead, the CEO welcomes you with a demo video.
  11. Recap Step 1. Sign up. Step 2. What's your name?

    Step 3. Verify your email. Step 5. What describes you. Step 6. Create Workspace. Step 7. Invite your team. Step 4. How you'll use Loom. Step 8. Download. @fmerian
  12. Lessons learned.

  13. If you build a product for teams, hint your users

    to invite their teammates. @fmerian
  14. Users value results more when they obtain them after a

    delay. @fmerian
  15. Don't start from a blank page. @fmerian

  16. One more step I review onboarding experiences from great B2B

    SaaS companies and share how I'd optimize them on Twitter.