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How we use Pitch

How we use Pitch

This presentation introduces how we @specifyapp use @Pitch to create (stunning) presentations.

Florent Merian

August 03, 2022

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  1. Designed for the team Every team has its folder—from Marketing

    to People, Product, and Sales. Also, there are folders for all-hands meetings and monthly talks. You can access them all from the left panel. Pro Tips 💡 It's blazingly fast to use Pitch. To open the Quick Menu, press: K ⌘ Example: You can always go back to the Dashboard with G. G 🙌 🧠 💰 🎯 🎤 👯‍♀️ ⚙️ 💼 All-Hands Meetings Boards Fundraising Marketing Meetups People Product Sales
  2. Create and collaborate in real-time To start presenting, press: F

    ⇧ ⌘ When you edit a presentation, you can do several actions from the top navbar: • • • • Export the presentation as a PDF, Start a live session 🤯 Share it to anyone with the link, Play it full-width
  3. Stunning on-brand presentations Click Create presentation or press N to

    browse the template gallery. Don't start from a blank page. We created a set of templates to help you jump-start your next presentation. Working on a customer story, a product launch, or a weekly report? There's a template for that. N
  4. Over to you! Open the Quick Menu, type ATF, and

    press Enter. 02 Sign in or create your Pitch account. 01 Sign in or create account → Follow the instructions. Welcome aboard! 03 Let's contribute to your first presentation in Pitch. 🎉