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Introducing Mailcoach

Introducing Mailcoach


Freek Van der Herten

January 08, 2020


  1. Ditching MailChimp: How I’ll save $1000/year

  2. About me Freek Van der Herten Partner & developer at

    SPATIE @freekmurze
  3. Since 2003 Web applications Team 10 awesome human beings Specialization

    Laravel / Vue / React development
  4. Open source ± 250 packages on Packagist ± 55 000

    000 downloads total, ± 3 500 000 downloads a month Postcardware
  5. My newsletter


  7. My newsletter laravel, php, javascript Sent every two weeks

    About 6000 subscribers
  8. My newsletter Cost with MailChimp: $75/month Similar prices for competitors

  9. My newsletter Sendy Self hosted Sends mails via Amazon SES

    Old PHP code Self DDOS
  10. Introducing Mailcoach

  11. Mailcoach A premium Laravel package Campaigns, email lists, open &

    click tracking Can use SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid to send out mails Can be installed as a stand alone app, or as a Laravel package Modern codebase that uses PHP 7.4
  12. Demo

  13. In closing

  14. Mailcoach is a cost effective solution Can be customised easily

    Will be available in February Video course

  16. Thank you!