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Highlights Flare codebase (Laracon online)

Highlights Flare codebase (Laracon online)


Freek Van der Herten

February 26, 2020


  1. None
  2. About me Freek Van der Herten Partner & developer at

    Spatie @freekmurze freek.dev spatie.be mailcoach.app ohdear.app flareapp.io
  3. Open source stats ± 250 packages on Packagist ± 60,000,000

    total downloads ± 4 000,000 downloads a month spatie.be/open-source/packages
  4. Our address SPATIE Kruikstraat 22, Box 12 BE-2018 Antwerp Belgium

  5. spatie.be/open-source/postcards

  6. Our address SPATIE Kruikstraat 22, Box 12 BE-2018 Antwerp Belgium

  7. spatie.cards (by Chris Morell)

  8. Highlights from the Flare codebase

  9. A way to structure a large Laravel app

  10. About this talk Take a look at the Flare codebase

    Not a sales talk Techniques you can use in your own projects Opinionated
  11. Topics we'll cover Short walkthrough of the UI Naming things

    Domains Inertia / React / TypeScript
  12. Let's take a look at Flare

  13. Naming things

  14. PublishScheduledPosts A command? A job?

  15. PublishScheduledPostsCommand

  16. AccountActivated An event? A mail? A notification?

  17. AccountActivatedMail

  18. User A model? A resource?

  19. UserResource

  20. Naming things Use suffixes Immediately recognisable Makes it easier to

    find stuff in your project Less aliasing needed
  21. https://guidelines.spatie.be/code-style/laravel-php#naming-classes

  22. Using domains

  23. Using domains Term taken from DDD A sphere of knowledge

    Grouping code Larger projects
  24. Refactor to domains app/ ├── Models/ │ ├── User.php │

    ├── Team.php │ └── Project.php ├── Mails/ │ ├── Welcome.php │ ├── InvitedToTeam.php │ └── ApiKeyRegenerated.php └── Events/ ├── UserDeleted.php └── Project.php
  25. Refactor to domains app/ └── Domain/ ├── Team └── Project

  26. Show me the code

  27. Front end

  28. Front end “I strongly believe JavaScript is a requirement for

    excellent user experiences. Not good experiences, excellent experiences.” —Seb
  29. Front end: JavaScript Inertia Built by Jonathan Reinink Replace Blade

    by React (or Vue or whatever) Makes server client communication seamless No full pages refreshes
  30. public function index(Team $team) { return view('team.settings', compact('team')); }

  31. public function index(Team $team) { return inertia()->render('team.settings', compact('team')); }

  32. Show me!

  33. In closing

  34. https://guidelines.spatie.be/code-style/laravel-php#naming-classes

  35. Using domains stitcher.io/blog/laravel-beyond-crud-01-domain-oriented-laravel freek.dev/1371-refactoring-to-actions freek.dev/1433-supercharging-common-controllers

  36. Shameless plugs https://mailcoach.app Self-hosted newsletter engine + video course MAILCOACH-LOVES-LARACON-ONLINE:

    $20 discount https://ohdear.app Uptime tracker, status pages, broken links checks on all pages OHDEAR-LOVES-LARACON-ONLINE: first month for free https://flareapp.io Exception tracker for Laravel apps FLARE-LOVES-LARACON-ONLINE: $29 discount on your first bill
  37. One more thing

  38. medialibrary.pro

  39. Thank you! speakerdeck.com/freekmurze/highlights-flare-codebase-laracon-online spatie.be/open-source freek.dev mailcoach.app ohdear.app flareapp.io