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Building a realtime dashboard with Laravel Livewire (PHPKonf)

Building a realtime dashboard with Laravel Livewire (PHPKonf)

Freek Van der Herten

December 12, 2020

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  1. Building a real time dashboard
    with Laravel & Livewire

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  2. About me

    Freek Van der Herten

    Partner & developer at SPATIE






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  3. Open source

    ± 300 packages on Packagist

    ± 105 000 000 downloads total

    ± 5 500 000 downloads a month

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  4. https://spatie.be/open-source

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  5. https://spatie.be/open-source

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  6. Our dashboard

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  13. Introducing
    Laravel Dashboard

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  14. Laravel Dashboard

    A free open source package

    Takes care of positioning of tiles, and state

    Tiles themselves are separate packages

    Livewire components

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  15. Livewire

    Made by Caleb Porzio

    Server rendered partials

    No / minimal JavaScript knowledge necessary

    Refresh through polling


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  16. Demo

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  17. Comparing WebSockets/Vue
    to Livewire

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  18. Our previous dashboard

    WebSockets to transmit new data

    Tiles rendered with Vue

    A single Laravel app

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  19. WebSockets/Vue

    + realtime

    + no meaningful extra load when connecting client

    - tech stack more complicated, WebSockets server needed

    - potentially display old data

    - build proces

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  20. Livewire

    + simple tech stack, just an app and a db

    + easy to package up tiles, only PHP knowledge needed

    + up to date from
    rst render

    - not realtime, but close

    - load on server increases with every user

    - Livewire isn’t an industry standard like WebSockets/Vue (yet)

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  21. In closing

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  22. Laravel Dashboard

    Easy to use package

    Set up a dashboard in no time

    Extensive documentation


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  23. One more thing…

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  24. spatie.be/videos/laravel-package-training

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  25. Laravel Package Training

    Learn to build framework agnostic PHP / Laravel packages

    Best practices

    GitHub Actions

    Package source dives

    4 hours of quality content

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  26. Discount


    20% discount

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  27. Thank you!



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